Care of aquarium shrimp

There are more and more people who, just like you, discover aquarium shrimp and look for information about them in YourCatCareguide. We can find information on this species on the Internet thanks to aquarium experts. They are present all over the world.

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If you are wondering why this species is so successful, you should know that these small invertebrates need only space and some care , as they clean scales and debris from the bottom of your aquarium.

Keep reading to find out what the care of aquarium shrimp is and find out how this little inhabitant can surprise you if you have it in your house.

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What I need to have a shrimp aquarium

A shrimp aquarium only includes inhabitants of this species . We also consider a shrimp aquarium if its purpose is the reproduction of the same species. Fish should be excluded from the shrimp environment, but some fans admit the presence of snails and other invertebrates. It depends on your choice.

Why have a shrimp aquarium?

There are many advantages to having a shrimp aquarium. They are more economical, hygienic and cheaper than a fish tank. Shrimps live in fresh and cold water environments.

To begin with, you should know that you do not need a large aquarium. A small – sized shrimp aquarium is sufficient. You can enjoy a very special and different aquatic environment, and you do not even have to dedicate much time and effort. Who cleans the bottom of the aquarium are the prawns themselves, removing scale and dirt.

Essential elements of the shrimp aquarium:

  • Gravel or substrate: It is very common for people to try to embellish the bottom of the aquarium with a kind of sand that we call gravel. There are several sizes and, in YourCatCareguide, we recommend that you use very fine gravel and take into consideration substances that alter the properties of water, such as acidity. If you do not want to put gravel in the aquarium, there is no drawback but the bottom will look a bit poor.
  • Plants: We recommend javanese moss as they inhabit micro-organisms that feed their shrimp in their leaves. The riccia, the java fern and the cladophoras are also good options. You can also use logs and stones to create a unique environment.
  • Temperature: The shrimp are invertebrates that live in very cold waters, not having to acquire any type of heating. However, if you have a heating system for a previous aquarium, we recommend a fixed temperature between 18 º C and 20 º C.
  • Filter: If you put a sponge filter, you will be offering extra food to your shrimp, since it can produce micro-organisms. If you do not want to use a filter, just remove 10% of the water weekly and replace it with fresh water. That’s all the cleaning your shrimp aquarium needs.
  • Water: Try to avoid ammonia or nitrite concentrations and provide an average pH of 6.8.
  • Cameroon: When you have the tank ready, we recommend you put 5 shrimp to start. Each of them must have half a liter of water.

Can I put fish in the shrimp aquarium?

If your idea is to combine fish and shrimp you should know that in some cases, prawns can turn into food easily. These are some fish compatible with shrimps:

  • Corydoras Pygmy
  • Dwarf Cyclids
  • Neon
  • Barbos
  • Molly
  • Acara-Disco

Never join your shrimp with Elephant fish or Platy fish.

Finally, as a recommendation of the Expert, we found that it is preferable not to put fish and shrimp in the same environment . This is because the presence of fish generates stress in the shrimp and therefore they remain hidden among the plants most of the time

Shrimp recommended for beginners: red cherry

This is the most common and easy to take care shrimp . Almost most people who own or own a shrimp aquarium have started with this species.

Usually females have a red color and males have a more transparent shade. However, there may be very interesting mutations. Its size is approximately 2 cm (the males are a bit smaller) and come from Taiwan and China. They can coexist with other prawns like the Caridina Maculata and others of similar size as the Caridina Multidentata .

They accept a wide range of pH (5, 6 and 7) as well as water (6-16). The temperature idela for this species around 23 º C approximately. They do not tolerate the presence of copper, ammonia or nitrite in their waters.

You can create small populations of 6 or 7 individuals to start, always respecting the minimum space of 1/2 liter of water per shrimp, which should be proportional to the total population. If you do not count on the presence of fish, you can observe the shrimp swimming and feeding openly throughout the aquarium.

Feeding of aquarium shrimp

Because they are omnivorous animals , aquarium shrimp are nourished with all kinds of food. Their food includes scales, brine shrimp , earthworms and even spinach or cooked carrots are welcome.

Diseases Your Aquarium Shrimp Can Win

Shrimp have an enviable immune system : they can eat meat or fish corpses without getting sick. Anyway, be aware of the possible appearance of parasites, especially worms like Japanese Scutariella.

You may notice that the body of the shrimp has some small white filaments to which the parasite adheres. You may be able to solve this problem by purchasing Lomper (Mebendazole) at any pharmacy.

If you want to see more articles the day before, you may also like to visit our Basic Caresection .

  • We recommend that the shrimp diet be based on 30% protein, the rest being composed of plant elements.
  • Shrimp live an average of 15 months.
  • Prawns reproduce easily. Prevent parents from eating their young, providing plenty of food and a thick bush of vegetation.
  • It is important to know that the shrimp have a molting period in which they eliminate the exoskeleton, as with snakes.
  • During the molting, the shrimp hide from potential predators for days until they develop a new exoskeleton.

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