Caring for a Rottweiler Dog

There are many people who want to have a Rottweiler , a calm and quiet dog, a faithful companion and a great deterrent to thieves at home. The truth is that the Rottweiler, despite its great physical strength, has little danger because it is a very affectionate and sweet dog if it is properly educated.

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However, before adopting this breed of dog should be very clear which steps to follow and how should be the training of a Rottweiler dog. Otherwise you risk having a dog with an inappropriate, aggressive or fearful character. Therefore, education is very important in this breed.

In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain to you the care of a Rottweiler dog to offer you everything that this dog deserves.

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The Rottweiler will surprise you by being a clean dog that does not need excessive care. In between your usual routine we emphasize that you should brush it twice a week with a brush with short and smooth tips. In this way you can eliminate the dust and dirt it has.

You should not abuse the bath, as excess bathing eliminates the natural protective layer of your skin. Depending on your level of dirt you should give him bath more or less times. Being that once a month will be enough to keep you clean and with a shiny coat. You should not bathe the puppies until their vaccines are given.

At the outset, if the Rottweiler walks regularly you will not need to worry about cutting your nails but it is always good to revise them from time to time to make sure you do not have any troubles when walking.

To end the hygiene of the dog we remember the importance of healthy and clean teeth. Cleaning the dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs or with natural products is advised to avoid tartar in the teeth. It can promote good oral hygiene to your dog by offering you apple or Dentastix.


The feed of the Rottweiler should be of high quality . This factor does not only focus on a bright and beautiful hair, but also helps to a good state of health, an adequate intestinal transit and to achieve a suitable musculature. Being a large dog also needs large doses of food.

If you have questions about the healthy amount or weight for your Rottweiler puppy , do not hesitate to consult the vet to observe it and give you some pointers. This breed shows marked sexual dimorphism, males are much larger than females.

Lastly, we remind you of the importance of giving food depending on your stage:

  • Junior : Contains vitamins, calcium, iron and more fats than rations of other ages. These components will make your dog grow up healthy and without bone or muscle problems. It is very important that it is of high quality.
  • Adult : Adult rations are thought for an adequate day to day depending on your way of life. They usually have a high percentage of proteins and oils, perfect for a healthy dog ​​maintenance. Among the different types of adult food we find a wide variety: for dogs that exercise actively, for dogs of normal maintenance, slimming effect for those who are too fat or fish and rice for allergy sufferers.
  • Senior : Unlike previous ones, the senior ration has a smaller amount of protein and contains beneficial foods for dogs over 7 years old such as brewer’s yeast. Consult your vet about the most appropriate for your case.

Tours and exercise

The Rottweiler is a dog that needs to work out its muscles daily and for this it should offer you suitable rides and exercise. Even if you live in a house with garden it is very important to walk it at least twice a day with a total time of 60 minutes. If you can extend the tours, even better.

If in addition, getting your dog to actively exercise on an agility circuit or to swim, it will be perfect to enjoy a much happier and healthier dog. Your exercise needs turn you into an athletic dog by nature. Failure to meet these needs could turn you into an obese and stressed dog.

Enrichment and stimulation

The Rottweiler is very intelligent , able to learn various tricks and orders of obedience. Due to his high intellectual level it will be essential to play with him and to practice different activities that stimulate him mentally and make him feel useful.

Practicing the pursuit of objects abroad, visiting new places with him and using games of intelligence for dogs are ideal options for a good enrichment and make you mentally stimulated. All this makes your dog happier and calmer.


To make sure the Rottweiler is healthy you should consult your veterinarian every 6 monthsfor a routine checkup. This procedure is very important since if you are suffering from an illness you can detect it in time and treat it with a better prognosis.

On the other hand, it will be very important to follow the risk schedule of vaccines that the veterinarian sets. Recall that there are deadly diseases that can only be prevented with the administration of the appropriate vaccines.

It will also be essential to regularly parasitize the dog . At YourCatCareguide we advise you to usean external pipette once a month to prevent the appearance of fleas and ticks as well as an internal deworming tablet once every three months that will help your intestinal system stay healthy.

Lastly, we recommend castration in the Rottweiler. In females reduces the chances of appearance of certain diseases and in the case of males reduces their dominant tendency.

Use of muzzle and leash

In certain areas the Rottweiler is considered to be a potentially dangerous dog, so it is imperative to use a muzzle whenever you are away from home.

In YourCatCareguide we recommend a strong and safe “basket” type muzzle , because unlike the other type it allows the dog to drink water, pant and receive prizes or treats if necessary.

So that your puppy does not feel uncomfortable should teach you to use the muzzle since puppy. But if it was only possible to teach it already in adult check the tips of our article to accustom the dog to the use of muzzle .

Education and training

In the YourCatCareguide you can also find an article in which we talk about the training of the Rottweiler dog . It is very important to pay attention to all points to achieve an obedient, stable and educated dog.

Let’s start by telling you the basics of your education: the socialization of the Rottweiler puppyand let’s also talk about other basic aspects of education and training. Everything you need to know about this breed, you will find here.

If you want to see more articles the Care of a Rottweiler puppy has been published , we recommend you to enter our Basic Care section .


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