Care of a pregnant cat

Cats are fairly independent animals and this attitude remains during the cat’s pregnancy . Felines can carry your pregnancy very well by themselves without the need for special care. However, if we can help you improve the process with a few attentions, the better.

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By pampering her and giving her the space and food she needs, we can make her pregnancy run as smoothly as possible.

If you want to know the care to be taken during the gestation of a cat , keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide and learn how to take care of your cat at this important time.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing you should do is take your cat to the vet to see if you are in good health through a blood test. In addition, they will tell you how long you are and when to expect the puppies, so you can prepare well for the big day. It is also advisable for the veterinarian to be aware of when it will be, in the event of any mishaps occurring and you must contact him.


The most important is the feeding of the pregnant cat. During the first month and a half you can continue with your usual diet, but from that point on you should divide your food into several meals.

You should change your feed to another high-grade special for puppies as they are more caloric and provide more nutrients so that your pet comes to birth in good health and is able to prepare for lactation. Although being more expensive is an investment that will bring a lot of benefits to your cat and her kittens.


Cats do not usually need special supplements during their pregnancy, but if you see that your body weight is too low you should talk to the vet to see if you need to take some extra vitamins and thus prevent a possible miscarriage. Throughout the process you should be extremely aware of any changes that occur, both physically and emotionally.


The cat will continue to jump and climb as usual, especially in early pregnancy. Do not try to stop it , as it is not dangerous, it actually helps maintain your muscle tone and healthier delivery .


A gestation is not an injury or an illness, so you should continue to treat it as always, playing with it in the same way. It should only take into account that to improve the care of a pregnant cat and preserve their health and that of the puppies should be avoided making sudden movements and not squeezing the abdomen .

If you let your cat leave the house to take walks, in the last period of gestation it is best not to leave it to protect it.


It is convenient to prepare a nest so that your cat can rest and take refuge comfortably. In addition, it is likely to be the place to give birth, so you should place the nest in a quiet place and away from noises and drafts.


And finally, treat her and give her a lot of affection , this is the most important step of all. Your affection and your attentions are the best care of a pregnant cat. Remember that an adequate state of health and a positive emotional state will directly affect the health of the puppies, so it is vital to receive all the support and affection you need.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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