Caring for a pet for children

Giving a pet to your child is a proof of responsibility for him as well as the possibility of a totally unique friendship between animal and owner.

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It is important to teach our children to play with pets properly but it is equally important to educate them about the care they need to learn values, to help them in their emotional development, and to be aware of their responsibilities.

At YourCatCareguide we show you what care a pet is for children .

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Did your child ask you for a pet?

Having an animal in your care is a huge responsibility because your life is in our hands. If your child asks you to have an animal you should evaluate your abilities and think which one is best suited for him.

Which animal can I choose ?

  • dog is a fantastic animal that will teach your child the true meaning of the word responsibility. If you can have this animal will create a bond of affection between both that will make you develop a love for animals. Set a good example for your child and adopt a dogin a kennel or shelter.
  • cat is an independent animal on many occasions equally affectionate as other animals. The care that you require all home, which will facilitate the fulfillment of your care. You can also adopt cats at animal shelters.
  • Birds , hamsters , rabbits and turtles are very common options that also imply a lesser degree of responsibility in the home. They will learn and have physical contact, which stimulates and benefits them. Remember that this type of animals can also be adopted , look on the internet where to do so.
  • The fish are easier to keep animals, and moreover are visually attractive and suitable for younger children.

What should I take into account ?

As an adult, it is your responsibility to know your child’s abilities and to know if the animal can be adapted to your home, family life style, size, time, etc. You should teach your children the behavior and attitude they should have with pets. It will also be your responsibility for the quality of life of the animal if your child does not take care of them correctly.

Delegate responsibilities to your child

We remind you that you are directly responsible for the health and care of our pet, because it can happen that your child does not fulfill 100% of his responsibilities.

For this reason we recommend that you delegate each of the responsibilities that involve the animal to your children in an orderly and varied way: outings, cage / bed cleaning, food … Be well informed of the care your new family member will need .

To foster their responsibility and ensure that they comply with the basic requirements, they can prepare a small notebook summarizing what needs the animal needs and how they should be satisfied to obtain a good quality of life, all before adoption.

Inquire about the care of the rabbits , the care of a betta fish or the animal that will adopt.

Attitude of the child

If your child asks for an exotic animal you should explain to him why this is not possible and the causes that make many animals in danger of extinction nowadays. Reduced habitat, contamination or hunting are some of these reasons.

It should also make you understand that the animal has feelings, feels and suffers. For this reason you should not play with it abruptly, hurt it or annoy it when it should not. Orient it to what should be a positive attitude and respect .

Remember that…

The children under 13 years of age sometimes are not responsible for their actions and for this reason we recommend you to always be present in moments of interaction with the animal until you are sure that the game and the relationship is positive and safe for both.

This attention by an adult is not enough for the child to have a good relationship with his pet, it is essential to educate him on those habits that allow a good care of the animal and likewise it is necessary to teach the child the respect for animals, as this will not only interfere with the animal but also in the way the child relates to people and the environment.

Finally, we should point out that the best way to teach a child about pet care is by example. So, set an example!

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