Care of a Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is the larger sized domestic cat, reaching adult males despite 7 to 11 kg. There are already cases of specimens that have reached 20 kg. This breed of cats is from the United States of America, said to be from the state of Maine. However, there are several theories about their origins.

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One of them is that when the Vikings made their invasions in the American continent, their boats transported cats to get rid of the rats. These cats came from the great Nordic wild cats and were crossed with American wild cats. Another theory says that European angora cats are that they were crossed with short-haired cats.

Regardless of its origin, the result is a very beautiful feline and that easily anyone falls in love, given their excellent qualities as a pet. If you are thinking of adopting this extraordinary cat or if you have already done so, the Expert will explain to you the care you should have with the Maine Coon .

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Veterinary consultation

The most basic care you should take with your Maine Coon cat is to see the veterinarian. If there are no problems, a consultation only twice a year should suffice.

The veterinarian is the person to diagnose the health status of your Maine Coon and will administer the necessary vaccines. He is also the person indicated to castrate your cat or cat if you decide to opt for this path. The most important thing is to keep the cat vaccination calendar up to date and follow proper diet.

Hair Care

The cat Maine Coon counts by its nature with a hair of great quality. However, if you want him to retain that quality, you must collaborate with nature to continue exhibiting this for the wonderful.

You should brush it at least 3 times a week with a specific brush for long-haired cats. If you do it for five minutes a day, better yet. With this you will be able to avoid many gastric problems by removing the dead hair every day, thus preventing him from ingesting it when cleaning .

It is recommended that the Maine Coon ingest cat malt to relieve accumulation of hair balls as well as foods rich in omega 3, whose beneficial effects on your hair will go positively.

The Maine Coon Bath

An unusual quality of this feline breed is that it likes water , so it will not have any problem to give it a bath, whenever the water is at an ideal temperature (36º-38ºC).

In the United States it is common to see the Maine Coons to refresh themselves with the family at the pool during the summer. The Maine Coon is a good swimmer .

However, although this cat likes to get wet, it is not advisable to give him a bath with shampoo more than once every month and a half. This breed will have the slightest chance to cool down during the summer.

Maine Coon Feeding

This point is very important if you want to keep your Maine Coon in a perfect state of health. This breed is prone to obesity if it does not impose a limit on its food intake. The ration must be of quality , avoiding the excessively greasy ones.

The Maine Coon grow slowly, it takes four years to reach its maximum weight that in males can reach 11 kg. If you exceed this weight you should go to the veterinarian with him as soon as possible, as your health may be in serious danger.

Living with the Maine Coon

This breed has the particularity of being independent and very familiar at the same time . He likes to play, to be the center of attention, he likes that there is noise around him, but he does not like that they touch him too much. In addition, the Maine Coon get along very well with other pets.

This large breed can live in an apartment because it is not too active, quite the opposite. However, the ideal is that you can count on a small garden to enjoy some adventure from time to time, hunting some time ..

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