Care for newborn puppies

As has been mentioned in some articles, dogs are like children who never grow up, especially if they are newborns. The puppies, although very cute, are very sensitive and delicate and require special care in the first weeks of life, a process on which their further development will depend.

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In many cases, from the moment they are born, dogs will suck on their mother’s milk, but in cases of abandonment you should feed them. Basically, the dynamics of care for newborn puppies is based on five key areas: observation, feeding, body temperature, social skills development and veterinary care.

The most important thing is to have a lot of patience and take this whole process with a lot of love, in this way everything will be simpler and even rewarding. If your bitch is about to have puppies or is simply curious to know what the care for newborn puppies is , continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide where you will find several important information. The rest is up to you and Mother Nature. Good luck!


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Dog watching

The observation is the first phase, starting from the moment the puppies leave the belly of their mother until the first months. You should observe the condition of each of the dogs, see if they move or not, if they breathe correctly or irregularly, if they are bigger or smaller between them and very important, observe the relationship they have with their mother.

Dogs need to be kept close to their mother , their natural care is crucial to the physical and psychological well-being of each animal. We should not separate them for more or less 3 months, since their life and socialization depends on it.

On the other hand, if you notice signs of illness , such as vomiting, excessive crying, diarrhea or some physical abnormality, it is important that you communicate immediately with your veterinarian.

Feeding the dog

At birth, the dogs feed on their mother’s milk, which will give them the necessary colostrumto grow. Colostrum gives them immunoglobulins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and water. This food gives them the defenses they need to have no disease.

If, on the other hand, you adopt a dog and do not count on the presence of the mother, you will have to give her a bottle. If you want to know how you can do it visit our article on how to feed newborn puppies . Normally, during the first few days, the newborns feed every two to three hours. This happens in the first few weeks, as they develop, the interval increases. With a month already begin to make the transition from liquids to soft foods and then solid.

Do not forget that food is super important . Dogs that do not gain adequate weight during this step may not survive. To do this, you should weigh them regularly and take a strict follow of the weights of the dogs.

The temperature of the dog

Keeping the body temperature of newborns is of crucial importance. The dogs inside your mother’s belly remain at an ideal temperature when they leave, if you do not pay attention to this details they can die . Many puppies do not exceed one week of life for this reason.

The mother and the dogs should have prepared a special area where they can be comfortable, warm and have a certain privacy . We recommend you have a mat, pillows and thick blankets. Cleaning is also necessary to maintain the health of babies. Every day you must clear the space and change all the clothes.

On the other hand, if the puppy does not have a progenitor that gives it heat or was rejected by the mother, it should give her lots of love and be even more careful. Ideally, place it in a cardboard box or carry it with your shawls. You will need a stable temperature between 20ºC and 22ºC.

Just under your “nest” you can put an electric blanket, wrapped in another blanket (so you do not have direct contact). This is an excellent tool to conserve heat.

The socialization of the dog

If you want your dogs to grow up healthy and happy, you should pay attention to socialization, which for them is very important at this stage, on which their future interaction with other dogs, with you and with the outside world will be based.

According to some experts, it is positive that the dogs, from the moment they are born stay in contact with their mother and siblings up to 3 months of life. This teaches them how to relate, to acquire the dogs’ own behaviors, and later, to create the necessary emotional confidence to become alone.

Sharing food, space and the owner’s affection are things that are learned since the puppies are puppies. Body contact and the fact that they develop olfaction is essential for creating good, healthy social skills, allowing the dogs to interact naturally.

Keep alert with the puppies that isolate themselves from the group and try to bring them closer, however, do not press too much, each dog has its character and personality.

Visit the specialist

It will be very important to use a professional to make sure the dogs are in good health and start their vaccination schedule . It will also be essential to put a chip on all dogs so they can be located if they get lost in their adulthood. Castration is also very convenient.

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