Caring for canaries

The care of a canary is simple, however they need a constant follow-up to make sure that everything is well and that our beloved pet stays healthy and vital in its small habitat.

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Then we’ll explain all the care you require and what your canary needs, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

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The cage of the canary should be large and large , preferably in width, so that the bird can exercise properly. The cage is your habitat, your home, for this reason it is important that it be appropriate and enjoyable for it.

Some creators and especially those who engage in singing contests often offer them very small cages to enhance singing. In our opinion, this is a very bad practice because this behavior generates stress and malaise in small birds, thus reducing their life expectancy among other negative factors.

Poopers of cages

Together with the cage you should purchase plastic perches. Instead of buying plastic, you can also think about acquiring natural branches once they wear their nails, exercise their paws and provide a more comfortable position for canaries.

If it is not for sale, you can do it with branches of a fruit tree, always without treatment or having been varnished. Also, it is important to know that you should not place the perches or container of food under other perches, otherwise the droppings will fall on top of them.


Failure to maintain regular hygiene in your canary’s cage can cause serious illness in the future. To do this, clean the cage thoroughly and with a natural and non-harmful disinfectant at least once a week. You should also clean the branches, feeders, drinking fountains, bottoms, swings and also clean the net of the cage.

The remains of fallen food such as rotting fruit and vegetables should also be removed, this should be done more often. You should also change all the food in the cage once a week, because even though they are seeds they can spoil.

Canary food

Be careful with canary feeding is imperative for your well-being , physical development and health. For this, offer you blends, fruits and vegetables, calcium, water and supplements to the right extent and variety.

Control of parasites

As with other pets, it can happen that our canary suffers from an infestation of mites or small parasites. For this, it is advisable to go to the vet to check if our canary suffers from parasites and that in situations the common spray that we find for sale can serve for him. It is important not to apply products of which you are unaware of their effectiveness or use.

To prevent the parasites it will be sufficient to apply a drop of a dog pipette once every two or three months to the canary and offer regular baths as well as an observation of their plumage.

Sometimes people with little experience in birds confuse seedling or any change in plumage with parasites, so it is advisable to always go to the vet.

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