Can I give tinned tuna to my cat?

Tuna is one of the healthiest fish in nutritional terms. Not only provides protein, but also contains fats beneficial to the health of the cat. Also, cats love this food, but that should not be an excuse to give any kind of tuna to your cat.

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It is certain that cats can eat fish, however, to include this food in the diet requires some care. You should take into account several factors such as the fact that the cat’s diet can not have the fish as a basis. Can I give tinned tuna to my cat ? This article from YourCatCareguide answers your question and explains everything in detail!

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The tuna that your cat likes the most is the least recommended

Regardless of the nutrients that fish offers and the fact that it is beneficial to the feline dietwhen offered the right way, the truth is that cats love this food.

From the comments and doubts of many tutors, it is easy to notice that the cats go crazy and let go of their gluttonous side when someone opens a tin of canned tuna, although this is the worst way to give cat tuna .

Check it out then why giving tinned tuna to my cat is not a good option to offer this food:

  • Canned tuna contains mercury , a heavy metal that is often found primarily in blue fish and is toxic when it enters the cat’s body in large numbers and can even affect the nervous system.
  • Canned packaging contains Bisphenol A or BPA , another toxic substance whose effects are still being studied. The mere fact that the tuna has come into contact with BPA is enough to drag traces of it into the cat’s organism.
  • Generally, these canned tuna contain high levels of sodium , which is not suitable for the cat, and can compromise his overall health.

Can I give tuna to my cat any other way?

Then we suggest the appropriate options so you can give tuna to your cat. However, always bear in mind that in these cases the mercury content is lower but it is not non-existent and therefore it is necessary to moderate its consumption .

The first way to give tuna to a cat (and most recommended) is to offer raw fish. However, this is only valid when the fish is fresh and from the most recent fishing, which is not always possible. When the tuna is not fresh but rather frozen, you should expect it to freeze completely so as not to alter its properties and then cook the fish slightly ( it should never be cooked as if prepared for human consumption).

Advice to give cat tuna

You can incorporate tuna into your cat ‘s diet the previous way. However, always keep this information in mind:

  • Raw tuna should not be offered daily, because too much raw fish can cause a vitamin B1 shortage. Fish should not be the main food of your cat – any kind of fish should only be offered occasionally.
  • It is not a good idea to offer only blue fish to the cat. Although their fats are very healthy, it is also the fish that provides more mercury.

Do not forget that your cat will also enjoy protein from other foods like meat and unpasteurized dairy products.

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