Can I change my dog’s name?

If you have decided to adopt a dog from a refuge it is normal to wonder if it is possible to change your name and under what conditions. Many people think that the dog will stop responding and even feel disoriented.

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It may be that these things happen in the beginning, but if you follow our advice you can rename your pet with a beautiful new name, perhaps more according to your personality.

Keep reading this YourCatCareguide article to know how to do it and answer the question, can I change my dog’s name?

Advice for the new name of your dog

When looking for an original name for your dog should follow some basic advice so that the process is quick and easy to understand for your pet, and yes, you can change the name of your dog.

For this, we will use between 2 to 3 syllables that are easy to remember and should be careful not to choose a name that your dog confuses with other words like “come”, “sit”, “take”, etc. Also it is important that the name is not also that of another pet or family member.

However, in order to improve the dog’s understanding and adaptation to its new name, we recommend that you use one that can somehow remind you of the old one, such as:

  • Lucky – Lunnie
  • Mirva – Dica
  • Guz – Rus
  • Max – Zilax
  • Bongo – Tongo

In this way, when using the same sonority we make the dog to get used to it and understand its new name more quickly. It is normal that in the beginning you do not react to your new name and most likely act indifferently when you pronounce it, you should be patient so that you understand that you are referring to it.

Practice tricks in which you congratulate him using his name and use it whenever you give him food, for walks or other occasions, especially if they are positive, in this way you will be able to assimilate your name.

Looking for the name for your dog?

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