Can you give honey to a cat? Discover the answer!

A cat’s palate is not easy to satisfy, especially when it comes to domestic cats that are accustomed to a very varied menu that may consist of ration, damp food tins or even homemade recipes.

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We know that satisfying a cat’s diet can have serious consequences for his health, such as being overweight. However, there are some foods that, besides satisfying the feline’s taste buds, are good for his health. Would you like to know if you can give honey to a cat ? The truth is that they really like this food! Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to know the answer.

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Does honey hurt cats?

Honey is an exceptional food with many medicinal properties, although it should be clear that this does not mean that it should be a basic pillar of cat food .

As we will see later, in order to enjoy the benefits of honey from bees to cats, it is necessary to know how often to offer this ingredient and for what kind of problems it is more indicated. Check out how honey can improve your cat’s health when it’s offered the right way:

  • It is a highly energetic food . In fact, it is the unprocessed food that provides the most energy.
  • Honey is emollient , protecting the gastrointestinal mucosa and helping to overcome health problems located in this area, such as feline gastritis.
  • It has a high bactericidal power , which causes that its oral intake helps to combat the infections naturally.
  • Applied topically, honey promotes the healing and healing of wounds or dermatological lesions.

Cat can eat honey?

Yes! Now that you know that honey is good for cats, it is essential to know how to introduce this ingredient into their diet. Honey can be given orally to a puppy cat from the fifth week of life to the eighth week, which can be done to enrich the milk. However, in feeding an adult cat, honey can not be a regular ingredient. So, when should we give honey to cats? Honey can be incorporated into the cat’s food when it is sick, as it is very energetic and helps to stimulate the immune system. We can also offer occasionally when we offer a more gourmet, smelling and appetizing food.

Keep in mind that when honey does not become the cat, this may be related to the excess, so try to offer only in situations like those mentioned before and always in small amount (a tablespoon is enough).

What kind of honey to use? The best option is, of course, the ecological honey and good quality.

Honey to cure topical wounds in cat

When we use honey topically to treat wounds on cats , we can not use any type of honey. The product may be contaminated with some pathogen such as Clostridium botulinum spores . In this case, you should use medical honey , a type of honey sterilized through radiation that eliminates any contaminating agent while retaining all the medicinal properties of the food.

Honey should be applied daily on the wound until it heals, but this application does not replace the correct hygiene of the affected area.

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