Can dogs eat cat food?

This is a question asked by many of the owners who have both types of animals at home. The answer is that doing so once by chance nothing happens, however, if a dog shares the same diet as a cat in the long run, this is not correct and can be detrimental to his health.

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Apparently cat food is like dog food, but its content is not the same. Likewise, dogs and cats have different needs in many ways, especially at the nutritional level, and cat food is not meant to care for and protect your type of organism.

To find out more details on the answer to the question, dogs can eat cat food, we invite you to read this article from Animal Expert where we explain the reasons why it is not good to give cat food to your dog.

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Each with your food

Try not to mix the foods. Feed your dog with food made for him , this way he will avoid any health problem. Remember that everything starts with our food and this includes our pets. Dogs love to pick up and look for food that is not theirs, even when they are not hungry.

If you leave the cat’s food in sight, it will be tricky for the dog to resist. To prevent this from happening, feed your pets in different places , and you can even place your cat’s food at a height where your dog can not see or reach it. Make sure that each pet eats its own food.

Too Many Calories

The cat foods contain higher amounts of fat and very high in calories, and this is not positive for the dog’s body. Animal nutrition experts recommend at least 5% fat for dog food and 9% fat for cats (almost double). This is a very big difference.

The greater amount of fat, the greater the amount of calories. Dogs that share the same diet as cats in the long run may suffer from obesity , caused by incorrect intake of fatty foods, as well as stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting.

Our friends proteins

Not only do cat foods contain more fat than dog foods , they also contain larger amounts of protein . By nature, cats are carnivorous animals by necessity, and their diet needs to be very rich in proteins to cover a significant part of their dietary needs. On the other hand, dogs are omnivorous animals and the protein needs are much smaller and this source of protein does not have to be continuous and necessarily coming from animals. Cat food contains at least 26% protein, versus dog food that has 18% protein levels and meets the basic nutritional needs of any dog.

Bad nutrition for the dog

The result of giving cats food to your dog is an inappropriate imbalance of vitamins and minerals , and in many cases, gives rise to nutritional deficiencies such as lack of zinc and vitamin E (essential for dogs) and in other cases, inclusion excess of unnecessary nutrients in the dog’s diet, such as taurine (very important for cats).

These nutritional differences can affect the overall health of your puppy for a lifetime. Also the dogs’ needs for carbohydrates, which give them energy, are different from those of cats, since they get their energy primarily from fats. The cat food, lack the ingredients that contribute the carbohydrates necessary for the dogs.

Risks to Your Dog’s Health

The excesses are not good, and this symbolizes cat food for dogs, which can basically translate into illness. Too much fat can affect the dog’s pancreas, affecting the efficiency of digestion and producing pancreatitis. The same happens with proteins, which can lead not only to obesity, but can also cause your dog’s kidneys or liver to overwork, creating unnecessary strain on these organs, resulting in kidney or liver damage.

Perhaps your dog likes his cat’s food because it has a lack of protein or fat in his diet, so consult your veterinarian to do the proper analysis and make the necessary adjustments. In short, too much, dogs can not eat cat food .

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