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Fleas and ticks, for many dog ​​owners is a problem almost without solution, it is a daily battle and without end. However, as these parasites transmit various diseases to both dogs and humans it is imperative that your pet’s flea is always up to date .

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For some time now, some anti-flea available on the market have stopped being so efficient, leading to the emergence of new top-line drugs that promise not only flea, tick and mite efficacy, but also long-term protection. Exactly why, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will tell you everything you need to know about the Bravecto line.

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Bravecto for puppies

Many dog ​​owners who keep their dogs dewormed every month with Pour-on anti-flea need to be programmed not to bathe their pets two days before and two days after applying the medication to the dog’s neck to not wash the product, decreasing its effectiveness. In addition, owners who have more than one animal need to be careful not to let them lick each other after the application until the hair dries.

Because Bravecto is a chewable tablet anti-parasite , it promises to quell these worries as effectively as a Pour-On, with the advantage that your dog’s neck does not get scratched, and still protects the pet for up to 12 weeks (around 3 months). The tablet is palatable, that is, with a taste and smell of a snack, which should make it easier for dogs to take the medication without being forced to do so and without stress for tutors and dogs.

Bravecto for dogs has a broad spectrum of action, ie protects against several species of ectoparasites and begins to act after 2 hours of ingestion , from there, it will act from the inside out, then it will stay in the body of your animal, protecting it every time the dog comes in contact with fleas and ticks. Elimination of 100% of fleas can occur after 8 hours of ingestion of the drug. It is important to emphasize that Bravecto is not a repellent, so it does not prevent the dog from being stung because as the tablet is acting on the dog’s body, fleas and ticks need to sting the dog first so they die. Therefore, in the summer or in endemic areas it is interesting to use Bravecto together with a natural repellent based on citronella or neem spray oil.

As the drug protects for up to 3 months, it ends up leaving a more value because the other antiparasitics available in the market protect for up to 30 days. It is necessary to choose the tablet according to the weight of your dog. It is safe for pregnant or lactating bitches and for Collie dogs, which are allergic to many antiparasitics available on the market today.

Bravecto for dogs still assists in the control of DAPP, which is Allergic Dermatitis to Flea Bite, as some studies have shown that even with the use of pet-friendly pipettes, 90% of the fleas bite the animal and feed before dying by ingesting the blood of the dog with the poison. What Bravecto promises is a faster death of these fleas and ticks, which decreases the amount of eggs and consequently the amount of fleas that would reinfestate the animal. To learn more about flea bite allergy in dogs see this other article from YourCatCareguide.

Bravecto for cats

Until then, the Bravecto breeding laboratory, MSD Animal Health, did not provide the Bravecto for cats. However, it was recently launched in Europe, the Bravecto for cats. It contains the same active principle as the Bravecto for dogs, however it is not in the form of a chewable tablet, but in the form of a pipette , available for small cats (1.2 to 2.8kg), medium-sized cats (2 , 8 to 6.25kg) and large cats (6.25 to 12.5kg) such as the Maine Coon, Bengal, Norwegian Forest and others.

In cats, the Bravecto pipette is applied to the nape of the skull at the base of the skull. Elimination of fleas occurs within 12 hours, and elimination of ticks within 48 hours. The duration of Bravecto for cats is also 12 weeks (3 months).

Never treat your cat with the Bravecto tablet for dogs. Cats have a distinct metabolism of drug absorption compared to dogs, and the chances of intoxication, in addition to the drug’s non-efficacy are greater.

The Bravecto para gatos, up to the date of publication of this article, is not available in Brazil.

Bravecto for puppies

The Bravecto is safe for puppies from 8-9 weeks of life, ie, puppies with 2 and a half months.

Do not give Bravo to puppies under 2 months of age . Look for anti-parasites that can be applied to puppies like flea spray or others available in the market.

However, since Bravecto can be given to pregnant and lactating bitches, if the mother does not have fleas and ticks, and the environment is always clean and sanitized, the puppies will rarely have ectoparasites.

Bravecto for scabies

There are several species of mites, and among these species are the cause of scabies in dogs. One of these species, Demodex canis , is the causative agent of demodectic mange, popularly known as black mange, and difficult to treat, since there is no cure as such, since the mite is not completely eliminated. To find out everything you need to know about Demodectic Scabies in dogs – symptoms and treatment , YourCatCareguide has prepared this other article for you.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of Bravecto for dogs in the treatment and containment of demodectic mange symptoms in young and adult dogs, improving the quality of life of these dogs exceptionally. Despite this, the indication of the use of Bravecto for mange still does not have the approval of the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) and is being debated by veterinarians in congresses and symposia.

Bravecto for ticks

Bravecto also has proven efficacy in tick combat , however, tick action is a bit more time-consuming than for fleas. In dogs, the elimination of ticks occurs after 12 hours of tablet administration. In cats, elimination occurs within 48 hours of the pipette application.

The duration of protection against ticks, however, is also 12 weeks.

Bravecto – Bull

The active principle of Bravecto belongs to Isoxazolines, a new class of antiparasites. The compound is Fluralaner, which acts on the nervous system of ectoparasites, causing hyperexcitation of the nervous system, paralysis and ultimately death. Studies have shown the effectiveness of the Fluralaner molecule in relation to Fipronil.

The Bravecto dog leaflet can be found free on the MSD Health Animal website 1 , which includes information such as flea and tick species that fight, dosage, precautions, contraindications and side effects.

Bravecto for dogs is a medicine, and should not be administered without prior consultation and guidance of a veterinarian regarding the health of your animal, because like any medicine, there are animals that can present reactions and side effects regarding the use of Bravecto.

Generic Bravecto

There are other products in the pet market, which have the same formula of action of Bravecto for dogs , but with an even lower value. As these other drugs have the same action molecule against fleas and ticks, the way they act in the animal’s body is basically the same, and they also come in the form of a chewable tablet.

However, the duration of these other marks for Bravecto is not the same. For example, the duration of Nexgard, antiparasitic of another brand is only 1 month, while Bravecto is 3 months. Nexgard, considered the generic Bravecto, is also not indicated in pregnant bitches, different from Bravecto.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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