Border Collie with other dogs

If he is a lover of dogs, he is certainly familiar with Stanley Coren’s classification of intelligence . In this, the Border Collie, a parson dog par excellence, appears first, considering the canine breed with higher levels of intelligence, once it is able to understand new orders with less than 5 repetitions and obeys the first in 95% of the times.

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However, beyond its intelligence the Border Collie has other characteristics that make it a dog admired and desired by many, such as its average appearance and white and black tones, and its behavior characterized by a great curiosity.

Are you planning to adopt a Border Collie or do you already have one in your home? If you like dogs, know that it is preferable to have two instead of just one, so in this article of YourCatCareguide we will talk about the coexistence of the Border Collie with other dogs .

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Border Collie behavior

The behavior and character of a canine breed defines, in part, the possibility of being able to live in harmony with other pets, in this case with other dogs. However, education and, more specifically, socialization will be the key factor that will allow our dog to cohabit with others in a harmonious way.

As we mentioned initially, the Border Collie is a dog that has a great curiosity. The best way to channel your wandering instinct is to give you daily plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation . These should be the primary care of the Border Collie as it is a grazing breed that needs physical activity in open spaces and a thorough test of its capabilities.

It is a very tenacious dog, but at the same time loyal to its owner, with whom it creates a very strong emotional bond. The Border Collie is docile, sociable and affectionate , but also stays alert and alert, being a great watcher.

Can the Border Collie live with other dogs?

Of course, although it should be a priority for the owner to make sure that this coexistence is harmonious and does not jeopardize the well-being of any of the dogs that live at home.

The Border Collie is usually kind, even with strange dogs, but this virtue does not occur in excess, however it is a good breed if you want to adopt more than one dog . In this case, coexistence is always preferable since both are puppies, but it can also be very interesting to observe how two adult puppies are known and interacted.

If, on the other hand, coexistence occurs between an adult puppy and a new puppy , it must take into account various rules to avoid any unwanted behavior, such as jealousy.

With what dogs can a Border Collie live?

If the socialization of the Border Collie has been carried out properly, this can live with any other dog, however should note that the Border Collie is a very active dog . What this means?

If you choose another canine breed whose needs are very different from those of the Border Collie and whose energy is very low, you will have two dogs with completely different needs and perhaps the proper care of both will become more difficult.

In contrast, if you have another dog whose energy is most similar to that of the Border Collie , the care of both animals will be simpler, since their needs will be very similar.

Among the most active breeds of dogs we can highlight the Fox Terrier, the Dalmatian, the Yorkshire Terrier, the Beagle, the Irish Setter, among others. However, remember that a mutt you may encounter in a refuge may also have high energy needs. Especially if you have an adult dog and want to adopt another adult too, do not hesitate to go to a host center and find the perfect companion.

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