Care of the Border Collie

Adopting a dog and keeping it in a good state of health requires various care, care focused on maintaining your physical, psychic and social well-being, since canine health is not only the absence of diseases.

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All puppies need basic care, such as going out for walks every day, providing food that provides them with a balanced diet and enough companions to avoid stress or anxiety.

However, the FCI (International Cynological Federation) recognizes approximately 337 dog breeds, so we can distinguish specific needs of each breed, so in this article from a How we are going to tell you all the care of the Border Collie .

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Border Collie Features

To know what specific care the Border Collie needs, it is important to briefly discuss the characteristics of this breed.

The Border Collie is among the smarter dog breeds occupying one place in the rankings held by Stanley Coren , a professor of psychology. This intelligence translates into a dog with an extraordinary capacity of concentration, obedient and that shows a great restlessness and agility in relation to the learning processes.

It is a dog awake, vigilant, receptive, affectionate, docile and sociable with both people and other animals, also has a great curiosity and we must not forget that it is a shepherd dog and therefore needs a lot of physical activity and a large space where it can develop.

Another important feature of the Border Collie is the great loyalty to its owner, who ends up seeing as a leader who will always accompany with great courage, creating a great emotional bond.

Physical exercise for the Border Collie

As we mentioned, the Border Collie is a grazing dog and has an innate capacity for this, so it would be possible that in the case of having cats or small children, the dog acted with them as if it wanted to group them forming a herd, this behavior should be avoided at an early age and for this the Border Collie needs a great deal of physical exercise . All dogs need to exercise but the amount and type of exercise varies depending on the breed and the individual characteristics of each animal.

The Border Collie needs approximately 1 and a half hours of daily exercise, which should be divided into several rides and activities, such as agility, a sport fit for this dog because of the great capacity of concentration that it has. You can find out from him how to get started in agility .

The Border Collie Dressage

Practicing a Border Collie is a very simple process because these dogs have a great intelligence, which means that they learn new orders with very few repetitions , this along with their obedience characteristic, makes these dogs easy to train.

However, precisely because of its high degree of intelligence, it is quite possible that the Border Collie becomes annoying during the learning process, so in addition to using positive reinforcement (the basic pillar of canine training) it is important to discipline it through of activities that are attractive to her, for example, herding sheep whenever possible, agility, looking for lost objects or running with pets.

Border Collie training requires the greatest diversity of activities possible to avoid getting bored and optimizing the learning process to the fullest.

The socialization of the puppy

As we mentioned before, the Border Collie is a very sociable dog, both with people and with other animals, however, when this dog reaches adulthood he can show himself reserved and timid.

To get the Border Collie to have a balanced temperament it is important to avoid this behavior, so it is necessary to socialize the puppy from an early age and try to be in contact with different people and animals, so in adulthood your Border Collie will show friendly and confident.

It is also possible to socialize adult puppies although this process are much longer and longer and sometimes the help of a specialist may be needed.

The Family Environment as Needed by the Border Collie

The Border Collie needs a large space to exercise, but also needs a warm and familiar environment to live , it is not a dog that we can leave many hours without our company, this would be totally counterproductive to your psychic health .

It is good to remember that it is a docile, friendly and playful dog (also by the little ones at home), so to properly care for the Border Collie should devote time and affection to it.

This dog is grateful to live in a warm and familiar environment, a multi-member home would be ideal for the development of the Border Collie.

Border Collie hair

The Border Collie can have two types of hair : short or moderately long. It is an effective protective agent against climate change and its special role deserves particular attention.

To keep Border Collie hair healthy, it needs daily brushing , using specific accessories for cleaning and canine cosmetic care.

This dog should bathe only when it is really necessary, in fact, by its nature as a shepherd dog, in some beauty contests one is penalized by excessively clean, treated or shiny.

The health of the Border Collie

Just like any other dog, the Border Collie needs periodic veterinary consultations and comply with the dog vaccinations program .

Although it is a dog that is in good health, is predisposed to suffer from hip dysplasia , neurological changes and eye diseases, so regular visits to the veterinarian will be the most efficient way to prevent and detect any of these in advance conditions.

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