Bones for puppies

Offering bones to a puppy is very important to play with, relieve stress, entertain you and even clean your teeth. There are many advantages to this toy, but we must take some considerations into account not to become a dangerous element.

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In this YourCatCareguide article we want to help you by offering a list of advantages and disadvantages as well as the different types of bones that are best for your puppy.

If you still have questions and do not know whether or not to offer a bone to your dog, please contact us to make the right decision. Continue reading this article to know the different types of bones for puppies .

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Advantages and disadvantages

As an advantage you should know that you can give bones to your puppy as long as they are not cooked, as it should give them raw . This is a practice that has been carried out for a long time by many owners and animal lovers. Next, let us explain all the advantages that exist when giving a bone to your puppy:

  • He likes it, his taste is good for him.
  • It calms and keeps the gums of the dogs healthy.
  • Helps keep teeth strong.
  • It frees your dog from the possible stress you suffer.
  • Helps entertain you as a toy, you can spend hours biting it.
  • It eliminates tartar and prevents it from appearing.
  • It receives calcium and phosphorus, essential for its growth.

Remember that the bones you give to your dog can not be cooked already, as they risk breaking if they can harm your pet. In addition, we recommend giving you bones that are larger than your head , so you will not be choked.

If you have doubts or are not sure if you should give a bone to your pet, you should evaluate the disadvantages that exist because you must have them in any case:

  • If you use poor quality, poorly chilled or dubious bones, you can cause bacterial diseases.
  • Do not digest, so give yourself a small bone and if you swallow it, it can be difficult to expel it from your body.
  • The brittle and small bones can cause an injury to the mouth, esophagus, stomach or intestine such as a perforation or obstruction.

As the owner, you must determine whether or not you want to give your pet bones, always thinking about your welfare and the advice we give you. Next, we will offer you a list of the different types of bones, natural and that you can not give to your pet.

Raw bones

We find two types of raw bones that we can offer our little dog, both have different advantages and functions:

  • Edible Bones : We speak of hollow bones or without feed, usually of bird, like chicken or turkey. These are flexible bones that can be crushed in a crusher to supply calcium, phosphorus and minerals to your pet.
  • Recreational Bones : In this case they are large bones, for example meat, which serve to pet your bite and entertain for several hours. These bones stimulate you mentally and, although they do not give you calcium, they are impossible to end up in your stomach. If it is soft it will also help in cleaning the teeth.

If you offer a raw bone to your dog you should always closely supervise your behavior. This way you can act quickly against any situation that could endanger your pet.

It is important that you try to maintain a generalized hygiene, that is, do not give the bone in the dirty soil, place it on a towel.

Finally, we advise you to always supervise the bones you are given, always thinking about the risk that can mean, being suffocated or the bone flakes (pig bones tend to chip).

Bears of cow’s skin

The cowhide bones for your dog are available in various sizes. It is a totally natural product that softens if it is ingested, that is, it does not have any problem as can happen to natural bones.

We can find this type of bones in different formats, such as what we can see in the image and even in the form of donut, ask your usual store to make sure that it is a cowhide bone.

Pork Skin Bones

You can also find for sale bones that are made with pork skin , and we do not recommend this type because they are very indigestible. If your dog eats them, diarrhea or vomiting may occur.

Calcium Bones

The calcium bones are very good for your puppy . They are natural bones stuffed with calcium in paste that considerably improves their development. They are suitable for puppies and even adult or elderly dogs of large size.

We can find them in the form of cane as you can see in the image or with us, it will depend on the store in which to acquire it. They can last much longer than the previous types of bones, in addition it will be essential to wash it from time to time to avoid the transmission of any bacteria that may be in the soil.

Bones for playing

Finally, we find for sale bones to play for your puppy . These are totally harmless, impossible to break and swallow, plus they are a good choice for anyone looking for an eternal toy.

You will find all colors, sizes, with or without light, with or without noise, etc. They are a good alternative for those who consider that the food that your puppy receives is adequate. Remember that you should clean it regularly to avoid the appearance of bacteria and dirt.

Make a bone at home

If you wish you can also make a bone for your dog with cowhide. Do it yourself at home by following these simple 5 steps .

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