Cat’s body language

The cats are reserved animals, are not as impulsive or expressive as the dogs, hide very well their emotions and are also as contained in their elegant movements and acts that have us, we must be attentive to see the meaning of each action or movement performed by them. Also, when they are ill it is hard for us to figure this out because they hide it very well.

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Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some tips so you can translate the body language of cats .

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Basic rules of body language

Although we are talking about cats, the tail is also a symbol of expression in them and not just in dogs when they move because they are excited when they see us or when they hide when they feel uncomfortable. A cat also uses the tail to express itself:

  • Tail raised : Symbol of happiness
  • Bristled tail : Symbol of fear or attack
  • Low Tail : Symbol of Concern

As you see in the picture above the tail indicates many emotional states. In addition, cats also show their emotions with other movements, for example, as we all know they greet us and show affection by rubbing against us . On the other hand if they want our attention they will be very noticeable at our desk or computer because if a cat wants to be seen and wants attention it will not stop because there is a keyboard in the middle.

We can also identify their little pinches as demonstrations of absolute affection and when they lie on their backs on the ground they are giving us their confidence. And we can not leave aside the movements of the cat’s face that also give us some tips.

Face number 1 is natural, the second with erect ears is a demonstration of anger, the third with the ears to the sides is aggressiveness and the room with eyes half open is happiness.

Legends in the feline language

Recently the animal behavior specialist Nicky Trevorrow published through the British organization ” Cats Protection ” a video teaching what the movements of cats mean, giving special emphasis to everything we took for granted and that is not so.

Among other things, as mentioned above, the tail lifted vertically is a greeting and symbol of well-being that our feline shows us and about 3/4 of the 1100 respondents did not know. On the other hand, the cat lying down on his belly does not mean that the cat wants to caress his belly, something he does not like and is just saying that gives him his confidence and will enjoy a caress on the head. Other discoveries are those that made reference to the purr that does not always express happiness, because sometimes it can mean pain. The same happens when the cat licks its mouth, this does not always mean that the cat is hungry, it may mean that it is stressed. These discoveries are quite interesting to understand our feline better.

Cat State Matrix

As you can see in the picture, we can catalog the level of aggressiveness or alertness of the cat depending on your body position. In the following matrix you can see how the image in the upper right corner is the most alert position the cat has and the upper left corner is the most relaxed and natural position. On the other axis of the matrix we have the cat’s positions related to fear.

If your cat behaves strangely and has abnormal body language, do not hesitate to tell us your behavior below in the comments.

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