Blue whale feed

The blue whale , whose scientific name is Balaenoptera Musculus, is the largest animal on the planet, since this mammal can reach 20 meters in length and weigh 180 tons.

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Its name is due to the fact that when we see it under water its color is completely blue, however, on the surface it presents a much more gray color. Another curiosity of its physical aspect is that its belly has a yellowish color due to the great amount of organisms that inhabit its skin.

If you want to know more about this majestic animal, in this article of Animal Expert we show you all about feeding the blue whale .

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How does the blue whale eat?

Did you know that not all whales have teeth? Those who do not have teeth, are those of humps, and this is the case of the blue whale, a mammal capable of covering all the nutritional requirements of your large organism without using your teeth, since you do not have them.

The humps can be defined as a filtration system that is in the lower jaw and that allows these whales can feed slowly absorbing everything, once the food will be swallowed but the water will be later expelled.

The tongue of a blue whale can weigh as much as an elephant, and thanks to the hump system, water can be expelled through several layers of skin that forms its huge tongue.

What does the blue whale eat?

The favorite food of the blue whale is krill, a small crustacean whose length ranges from 3 to 5 centimeters, in fact, a whale is able to consume 3.5 tonnes of krill every day, although it also feeds on various forms of life that inhabit the ocean.

Another favorite food of the blue whale that it tends to look for are the squid, although it is also true that it only eats them when they are abundant.

About one blue whale eats 3,600 kg of food daily .

What do blue-whale breeds eat?

The blue whale is a large mammal, so it has characteristics of this animal’s range, among them, the lactation.

However, the breeding of the blue whale, after a gestation period in the womb of approximately one year, requires practically all the time of the mother, because in one day it will consume between 100 and 150 liters of breast milk .

Hunting and population of the blue whale

Unfortunately the blue whale is in danger of extinction due to massive whaling and slow reproduction of this species, however, currently and due in part to the prohibition of their hunting, the data are more positive.

In the Antarctic region, it is estimated that the population of blue whales increased by 7.3%, and an increase in population living in other geographical areas was also estimated, but the increase in individuals in these regions is not as significant.

The navigation of large vessels, fishing and global warming are other factors that jeopardize the survival of this species , so it is urgent to act on these points and ensure the reproduction and existence of the blue whale.

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