Black Cats Characteristics

Although black cats have been victims of a bad reputation for centuries , today almost nobody censors them and they have a good reputation in many houses, since they are felines with a mysterious character and a very special personality .

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Black cats have many characteristics and in this article the YourCatCareguide will be able to discover them, but first we will explain to you a little more about the widespread belief that black cats are associated with bad luck. This legend is so widespread that these felines are the least sought after to adopt a cat without any apparent reason.

Whether you already have a black cat or if you are interested in adopting one, do not be superstitious and see all the virtues and characteristics of black cats . This way you will be able to realize how special you are and how you like to receive affection and love, like all living beings.

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The Black Cats Throughout History

The belief that black cats bring bad luck is the result of a bad and enduring reputation that these animals have suffered for centuries. In the Middle Ages religion became radicalized and humans began to accuse witchcraft of all those women who did not follow their doctrines, even saying that they could become these felines, who were demonized and burned in fires to protect themselves from a supposed black magic. So seeing a black cat was almost like seeing a witch, hence the superstition that they bring bad luck.

This legend became popular during the time of the witch hunt and was declining as the years went by unfortunately, but many people still believe that crossing with a black cat will bring them some kind of negativity.

Luckily, in many other epochs, black cats were sacred and were considered to be representations of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet of Ancient Egypt , where killing them was punished with the death penalty and mummified to their owners to be reincarnated in the future.

In addition, other cultures like the Scottish one always considered that to have a black cat at home brought to them good luck, just like the old sailors, who believed that to have a cat aboard his boat was a sign of good fortune. Or in England , it was believed that if a newly-weds married a black cat this would bring them prosperity in their marriage.

In addition, these felines have enjoyed a very good reputation for centuries and another bad for many others, but once you know the true characteristics of black cats, you will see that our luck does not depend on them, but on us.

Black Cats Characteristics

One of the characteristics of black cats is their beautiful black hair . Despite the negative connotations it represents, the black color is also associated with mystery, elegance, fidelity, passive force, infinity and silence.

Despite the superstitions, black cats are one of the most caring and playful cats , so they have a close relationship with their owners, and when they offer them affection and love they are very grateful. They like to sleep at your feet when you are in bed or lie down beside you on the couch to be warm and feel safe by your side.

We can not confirm that it is due to everything that has suffered throughout history and take it in its genetic inheritance, but these felines are very intuitive and suspicious of people and other animals and, at the slightest threat, they usually run away to protect themselves. They are also usually shy at the beginning when they are introduced to a stranger, but once they find that there is no danger and know that it will never hurt him, they approach carefully and welcome him for caresses and pampering.

Also, it is important to know that during the periods of heat, black cats are very sexually active and are often very loud and hyperactive, so it is recommended to sterilize them whenever possible to avoid accidents or to escape. On the other hand, if they are not in heat, black cats tend to be quiet and calm animals , with which they can live easily.

In short, the character of the black cats is quiet, intuitive, timid and very affectionate.

Black Cat Breeds

There are currently two breeds of black cats in the world that differ basically by the shape of their body: the European black common black cat and the black cat of race Bombay .

The origins of black cats of common European race are unknown, but usually have an athletic body and are not completely black, some have white hairs.

In contrast, black cats of the Bombay breed emerged in the 1950s in the United States, more specifically Kentucky, when a breeder named N. Horner crossed brown Burmese cats with black-colored American Shorthair cats. These cats usually have the hair thicker than ordinary Europeans and with features of the face more similar to those of the American Shorthair.

Still, both are very physically alike and have a personality and a similar character.

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