Care of the Betta fish

The Betta fish is also known as Siamese fighting fish and it is a pet very popular for its color and appearance. They are relatively easy to maintain although we must know some factors to keep them healthy.

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Siamese fighting fish easily adapts to various environments and leaves us fascinated every day with its fantastic shapes and movements.

If you want to know everything about Betta fish carekeep reading this article from YourCatCareguide.

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An adequate aquarium

If you want to provide you with an environment identical to what you would have in the natural state, you should know that Betta fish comes from Thailand and lives in shallow water suchas rice paddies. They leave with a certain regularity to draw the air, for that reason, it will not be necessary to use a filter or a thermostat.

The size of the aquarium will depend on the specimens you want it to have:

  • Only one specimen , male or female: In this case it will be sufficient to have a 20 liter aquarium moderately set.
  • Incubators: These are specific areas for breeding Betta fish . They have a small size and reduced so its use is exclusive only of the times of reproduction.
  • Several females : You can try to join several females in the same aquarium although they must be at least three to establish a hierarchy. Although it is less likely that in the case of males, it may be that the females attack each other, in which case they should have an extra aquarium to separate them. To improve the chances of coexistence can adopt at the same time different females (sisters) who have lived together since childhood. Use an aquarium of at least 30 or 40 liters.
  • One male and three females : In this case you should be careful about the aggressions that females may have with each other. Follow the advice we mentioned in the previous point. Use a 40-liter aquarium to prevent attacks as well as make different hiding places in the aquarium in case you need to hide.
  • Aquarium of the Betta or beteira : They are specific environments for the breeding of betta fish. They are small in size and small, so their use is exclusive at the time of reproduction.
  • Community of betta fish : Remember that Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish is an aggressive fish by nature, so unless you have a 100-liter aquarium filled with hiding places, we do not recommend that you create a community.
  • Community of different fish : You should know about the different types of cold water fish before joining them to prevent attacks and aggressions. It is important that the aquarium has a capacity of at least 100 liters and that it has several hiding places. The gouramis perolaare a good option.

You should also know …

You should never join two or more males, they are very aggressive between themselves and would end up hurting each other.

It is important that the aquarium is covered in its upper part since they usually jump.

Try to use water without chlorine or salt that will renew every 7 days, changing half the water will suffice.

The temperature should be between 22ºC and 32ºC.

Elements of the aquarium

You should give your betta fish several elements inside the aquarium, use original resources so that yours is unique:

  • Sand or gravel : Those that are soft and fine texture are preferable so that it does not hurt the fins of our betta fish. In addition, it should have a minimum thickness of at least 2 centimeters.
  • Plants : You should always use the ones that are natural to avoid hurting the tail of our pet. We recommend the dense ellipsoid, duckweed or bamboo . Check the store where you purchased the betta fish which they have available and select them according to your tastes. You will be surprised how beautiful they look in the aquarium.
  • Rocks : You should try to minimize the use of rocks and other elements that could be harmful to the fins of betta fish. With two or three elements of this kind will suffice. You will find all kinds of elements from small pirate boats to dragons or buddhas.
  • Lighting: One trick to make our aquarium’s environment look more beautiful is to include LED lighting elements for aquariums available at specialty stores. Use a blue, green or lilac tone to highlight the decoration or color of your betta fish and look great.
  • Hideaways : Especially if you use lighting or if you have several specimens of betta fish, it is imperative that you create hiding places of all kinds inside the aquarium. You can bury small containers, make a nest with plants, stems, castles, coconuts, trunks, …

You should also know …

It is important that you regularly watch your betta fish to make sure you are physically fit and that you have not suffered any injuries to your body because of the elements of the aquarium or other fish.

Feeding the Betta fish

In the natural state betta fish enriched with small insects that live between plants or at the bottom of rivers and although it is an omnivorous fish, Betta fish prefer to feed like a carnivore. Larvae of mosquitoes, zooplankton and various insects are their weakness.

  • Specific feed for the betta fish will be available in the form of flakes, granules or pellets. You should feed him two or three times a day.
  • It can also offer you a varied amount of food including mosquito larvae, tubifex worms, grindal, artemia, etc. It is live food although it also has available in frozen food stores.

The food has a direct impact on the health and appearance of betta fish that will look more beautiful, active and vibrant after receiving dietary supplements.


Finally and as we mentioned it is important that you observe daily the behavior and physical state of your betta fish to confirm that you are healthy and stable. A well-kept betta fish can live up to 5 years, an unthinkable value in nature.

If you want to see more information about similar to Betta Fish Care , please check our Basic Care section .

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