Best pitbull toys

Are you thinking of buying toys for your pit bull? There are many toys and accessories on the market that you can purchase. However, not all are fit for the potent jaw of the pit bull terrier : most end up destroyed after an hour of joking.

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It’s the same with the homemade toys we can build for large puppies. Most are not hard enough and end up being destroyed in a short time, which can even be dangerous if the dog ingest. the objects

In this article of YourCatCareguide, we will show you a list of toys that you can find in the market, hard and resistant , perfect for this breed or other dogs with a powerful jaw, for example the staffordshire terrier . Discover which are the best toys for pitbull puppies !

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1. Borage Bones

There are few hard rubber toys that are usually very appreciated: the shrill sound they emit is a source of motivation for just about every puppy. These are some of the rubber toys that can withstand the pitfalls of a pit bull:

1. Kong Air Squeaker Bone

It is a proper toy for the dog to bite in the form of bone and the fabric, similar to the one of tennis balls, is less abrasive , reason why it does not harm the animal’s teeth. It has an attractive design, makes noise and is made from a very resistant material , so any large dog can use it. It is perfect for exercising the jaw.

2. Kong goodie bone extreme

As with all branded kong toys labeled “extreme”, kong bone is extremely durable since it is made of hard rubber. Like the previous model, it emits sounds and, in addition, has two holes at each end to introduce treats or dog pâté, which stimulates smell and mobility.

2. Bone of ham

If your dog is accustomed and you make sure he eats bones, you can opt for the Wuapu Ham Bone . You should not offer this type of bone daily. There are several more prized prizes for puppies . These bones are usually harmful if supplied regularly due to their high salt content.

On the other hand, bones can have some advantages like helping to clean the dog’s teeth . However, there are other healthier tips for cleaning dogs’ teeth , such as offering raw carrots.

3. Kong

The kong for dogs , Kong Extreme Black , is one of the most recommended toys, as it helps to stimulate the dog’s mind while keeping him entertained for a long time. We can fill your interior with any type of food: treats, pâtés and even vegetable broths and milks if we subsequently freeze.

It is very suitable for nervous dogs or for dogs that eat very fast. In addition, kong aids the treatment of separation anxiety . Most tutors leave the dog alone at home with this toy since it is very safe and impossible to ingest if the appropriate size is chosen.

4. Fresbee

The fresbee can be a good ally for playing with the dog in the park or on the mountain walks. Our recommendation is the Kong flyer extreme , sturdy and safe , like all kong brand toys.

This model is flexible and comfortable , so it will not hurt the dog’s teeth or gums. It’s a great toy for practicing with a pit bull .

5. Balls

Balls are, par excellence, the favorite toy of a dog. It is perfect for teaching to bring the ball . These are some of the balls resistant to a pitbull’s jaw bite:

1. Trixie Dog Activity Snacky

This model, in addition to being very sturdy, is perfect for stimulating the dog’s mind. Like kong, it lets you hide prizes and goodies inside. We can observe a gradual opening so that the prizes leave more or less easily.

2. Kong Ball Extreme

Like the previous model, this ball contains a hole inside to hide prizes, although it is not gradual. Her design causes it to rewind in an unpredictable way, which stimulates the dog’s play. It is a safe and sturdy model .

6. Teether

Lastly, since many people are looking for specific puppies that simulate a prey, we want to highlight an extremely tough pitbull toy, the kub Wubba Tugga . It is made from ballistic nylon , with fabrics and reinforced seams.

We recommend that you avoid homemade teethers since they break down easily and the dog may ingest unintentionally and cause a health problem.

With this toy you can teach your puppy to drop objects , essential order for your safety and to play with no problem with your dog.

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