Benefits of olive oil for cats

After many studies, olive oil came to be considered as a “super food”, that is, a food that has a great amount of nutrients that, besides being necessary for the correct functioning of the organism, are excellent because they confer multiple additional benefits. These food heroes have the characteristic of being unprocessed natural foods .

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Therefore, all people or creatures that consume olive oil (of quality) are taking healthy supplements. Just as humans are interested in being in the best condition, we can always extend these special interest to our pet.

In this article of Animal Expert we talk about the benefits of olive oil for cats . You will see how besides being an excellent option to include in your feline’s diet, it will improve and benefit your health.

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We love the olive oil!

Feeding our pet in a nutritious and healthy way is a commitment, but it will certainly have very positive results, not only in the cat’s health but also in his state of mind. Let’s see why in the Animal Expert we love olive oil for your pet:

  • It has the ability to be a powerful antioxidant , thanks to a large part of its components such as polyphenols (bio-synthesized plant compounds), vitamin E and chlorophyll. All these nutrients help boost and improve the immune system.
  • It has good monounsaturated fats , which reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It burns and metabolizes fats very efficiently.
  • It facilitates the loss of weight of the cat thanks to these same monounsaturated fats that decompose the fats inside its same cell. This is of paramount importance because one of the reasons for higher mortality in cats is obesity

Foods like olive oil, which have fruity, fresh and natural flavors, are always pleasing to a cat’s taste , as well as having incredible health benefits for your pet, especially if the olive oil is extra virgin.

A great remedy

It is one of the best natural remedies for constipation in cats. Cats suffer greatly from this problem, which seems simple but can be problematic and even cause the animal’s death.

Constipation can be both mild and chronic. If your cat is constipated and has difficulty defecating, it is because your diet does not contain enough fiber and your digestive system is not working properly. As a medicine can give you olive oil, which will stimulate the bowel movements and will make the stool more liquid and easy to defecate.

It is also excellent for improving the glow and smoothness of your cat’s hair thanks to its moisturizing properties . On the other hand, it slows down aging, as you know, there are facial creams with olive oil and the reason is this.

Including a little of this “super food” in your pet’s feed, is a great solution to help you soothe the balls of fur from your throat.

How to give olive oil to your cat?

Olive oil besides having positive properties for the health of your cat, is an economical food and you can get it at any supermarket or organic food store.

Just include at least 3 times a week a tablespoon of olive oil in your pet’s feed . Mix well so that the oil is absorbed by the food, do not get lost in the dish and can do its job. There is no need to add more.

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