Benefits of having birds

Many people do not share the idea of ​​having a bird enclosed in a cage and we quite understand what they refer to, fans of silvestrism have beautiful birds enclosed in tiny cages, taking away all their essence.

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However, people like us in YourCatCareguide, bird lovers can not imagine a life without hearing the beautiful corners they emit and observing their delicate movements.

They are intelligent animals, social, beautiful and joyful. Birds give life to a house and fill our lives with happiness and melody. Find out the benefits of having birds .

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1. Wake up every day with beautiful melodies

The birds wake up with the first light of day , but as they are usually covered at night, this may delay this moment a little. In doing so, they fill the house with beautiful morning songs .

If you are an optimistic person who appreciates music, you will certainly feel good to hear them emit these unmistakable sounds. Among the birds that sing best we can find the canary, an authentic bird delight.

2. You will enjoy observing its beauty

There are truly amazing and amazing birds that will delight you just by looking at them. Its vivid colors and eccentric feathers will surprise anyone who visits your home. Having birds is really something beautiful.

3. Your intelligence will surprise you

Although many people consider that birds are not very intelligent animals, you will be surprised to see that they are animals with a great intellectual capacity .

It will depend on the species, but we can point out that the macaws are able to perfectly imitate their voice, other sounds and solve small games of intelligence.

4. Can be very affectionate

There are birds that are artificially created by humans. Once this happens, they believe that they are part of our species and become extremely sociable and caring. So if you ever have a bird like that, it’s a whole experience that will change your life.

5. Can have different birds together

Certain species are able to coexist in a roomy cage with no problems. For example, we can join canaries and finches or mandarin diamonds and hands. You can also add specimens of the same species as the parakeets or the agapornis.

You should also properly inform the different types of birds that exist and count on an extra cage in case of conflicts between the different birds.

6. They are very fun

As with most species of animals, we find very restless animals that love to play . Providing them with toys like stairs will not only amuse them, but also us as it is great to see them enjoying. But avoid using mirrors, so it can cause them to stress.

Lastly, it is good to note that water is also something that they like and in addition to refreshing them in the summer also helps them keep their feathers clean. Be surprised by leaving a little container with water.

Having a bird is a very beautiful experience that brings us closer to the nature and special sensitivity these animals have. They are very delicate animals that must be properly cared for in order to show their full splendor and to enjoy a proper life as they would in their natural state.

Remember that you should give them veterinary attention if needed, a regular cleaning and a spacious cage. All this in favor of your basic well-being.

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