Benefits of having a dog for the kids

Pets, especially dogs, are a fundamental and integral part of a human being’s life. A lot of people know this, but do not know exactly what are the numerous benefits of having a dog until they try it.

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Nowadays, parents adopt dogs to accompany their children or to have a guard dog at home. However, they are doing much more than this, they are giving their children a private teacher in the school of life. If you have kids and you want to know the benefits of having a dog for your children , keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide and you will be surprised.

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Promotes a sense of responsibility

While honestly speaking, we know that the dog is cared for and kept almost 100% by the parents, while the child enjoys all the benefits, the fact of having a dog for a child implies much more things unconsciously.

First of all, it promotes a sense of responsibility, which if well taken, can greatly benefit your child. Children like to imitate their parents and older siblings, so by seeing them in their roles as carers feeding, bathing and walking the dog, they will want to do the same. They will see themselves as other pet parents and will flourish the need to care for and protect the other being . Likewise, in fulfilling all these tasks, the positive feelings of usefulness, cleanliness and motivation will also be developing inside.

Increase self-esteem

Psychological well-being is a very important benefit of having a dog for the kids. Increased levels of self-esteem are impressive, and this has been revealed in scientific studies for many years. Undoubtedly, the relationship between a child and his or her pet can be so great that it makes the child feel like a very dear and valued person . The affection of a dog is one of the most unconditional.

At the same time, it strengthens both the personality and the self-esteem that the little one teaches to be alone, to take care of oneself, to respect oneself and to feel satisfaction in the small details and gifts, such as bringing the ball or a simple and gentle approach.

Helps to have good health

Although not directly attributed to them, the benefits of having a puppy for children are also reflected in health, and are very significant. Puppy / child interaction decreases stress and depression . The simple act of embracing or caressing the dog regulates blood pressure and heart rate. At the same time, it reduces the psychosomatic conditions produced by strong emotions, such as: anxiety, aggression, headaches or abdominal pain, skin problems and changes in food rhythm. It also helps to regulate the child’s appetite.

It is important to mention that having a dog leaves children away from physical inactivity and childhood obesity (main motor of other diseases). Playing and running with a dog from one place to another makes the little one in constant activity, maintaining their physical and emotional well-being.

Improves social skills

A dog is a faithful companion, a friend for life. This is how the children come and these perceptions develop by being in the company of a pet and then translating it to other people. Having a dog promotes fellowship and friendship , helping the child to adapt to living with other people, especially the family and other children.

Social skills and communication grow, the dog is the perfect link between the child’s inner world and the outside world, and makes the whole process of interaction and expression simpler. Therefore, therapies with dogs for autistic children can achieve excellent results. On the other hand, it also helps to stimulate psychomotor development through constant laughter, chases and games.

The circle of love

Watching the interactions between dogs and children is a very beautiful thing. A dog makes empathy and love grow in the child’s heart. The feelings that are generated are as innocent as they are powerful and important.

Having a dog speaks and teaches children about love without preconceptions and conditions. Over time, it becomes increasingly important and natural to play and pet the dog than to engage in other leisure activities or with negative tendencies. The intimacy that is created gives the child a sense of security when the larger ones are not present, the dog is like a protective shield.

As you can see, the benefits of having a puppy for children goes beyond fun. In the animal they can find a life mate, a friend and even a brother. In addition, when thinking about the decision to adopt a dog is essential to know all the care you need, since we must dedicate time and money to keep you healthy and happy.

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