Benefits of having a dog

The dog is undoubtedly the best friend of the human being bringing him multiple mental and physical benefits. In addition, if you count on the presence of children at home, it will help them learn about commitment, responsibility and care.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain all the benefits you can get if you decide to adopt a dog to enjoy life at your side.

Keep reading and discover all the benefits of having a dog and adopt one that really needs it, as is the case with dogs that live in shelters.

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1. You will never feel alone

Whether you live alone or with a dog, the dog will be the first to welcome you when you get home, even if you have been away from home for only 30 minutes. They are the ones who are most happy with his return, without a doubt, and they show him filling him with kisses, getting emotional and even barking in a fun way.

Dogs do not like being alone, so the best gift for them is for you to return home with them. Sometimes, if we leave them alone too long they may suffer from the known separation anxiety , so do not adopt a dog if you will not be able to spend time with him.

2. They help you stay in shape

The dogs need to be paced . Some very nervous will even need to do active exercise to keep in shape and not accumulate stress or anxiety. If you are an active person and like to take care of your body, having a dog will help you.

Depending on the age or type of dog you adopt it may have different walking needs, so find out at YourCatCareguide how often a dog should walk .

3. They will make you laugh

Dogs are very funny animals , their way of communicating, burying their faeces or howling when they hear an ambulance is really funny. If you decide to adopt a dog you will undoubtedly enjoy a kind companion with whom you can laugh without stopping every day of your life.

Also, when a dog gains confidence with himself he is able to let you do anything to him, for example, you can fantasize your dog and take pictures and very funny memes.

4. Have a good time teaching you

If you are the type of person who likes to see a trained dog, do not think about it and adopt one. Dogs are very intelligent animals , capable of learning many different words and orders. But of course, everything will depend on the dog, there are very intelligent dogs while others are more stubborn and do not learn so quickly.

Aside from being a fun activity, the training will help you learn to communicate with him, watch over his safety and teach him tricks that will make all his friends laugh.

5. Learn about responsibility

The dog is a habit animal , needs stability to feel happy, calm and complete. For this reason, if you have a child who needs to learn about responsibility the dog will be your great ally. Find out what a pet’s care for children is and start instructing them in this aspect.

Also, remember that the dog is an animal that should be treated with respect and care. Before taking home any living being should explain to the little ones how they should play with it and why it is so important not to hurt them.

6. You will not need an alarm at home

Although some types of dogs are more vigilant than others by nature, the truth is that any dog ​​that feels a place like “yours” will alert you to the presence of strangers .

Anyway, remember that a dog should not be used as a tool, but rather as a life companion who helps him but one who must take care and treat with all possible respect.

7. Will wake you up every morning

The dogs are quite like a watch . Once you get used to your personal routine, you will find that you wake up in the morning, reminding you that you should take it for a walk or that it is your mealtime. They will be your “personal assistant”.

8. You’ll like to make it beautiful.

Effectively, brushing your dog on a regular basis or putting on a cute collar are some of the things you will do, surprising yourself. At first it is normal not to feel habituated, but over time you will feel that it is something basic and indispensable for your dog to be the most beautiful of your street.

9. Will be your child’s best friend

Many people are afraid of how a dog will respond to the arrival of the baby or how to relate to the children if they adopt it later. Except for very concrete cases, dogs are arguably the best friend that can exist for a child.

They have a sixth sense to understand that they are “human dogs” and usually treat the little ones in a patient and friendly way . In addition, before taking an animal home or before the birth of a baby should find out how to avoid jealousy between children and dogs .

Having pets can be very beneficial for children. Not only the dog but also the cat can be a very interesting choice for those who have children .

10. Your heart will become animalistic.

Once you have a dog in your life, your heart will change forever . You will feel more involved in the animal world and will not understand how it is possible that there is animal abuse in the society we live.

Remember that dogs have a childlike intelligence but unlike us, dogs are very “human”. They do not understand wealth and poverty or loyalty, they want to be on your side for who you are .

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