Benefits of having a cat

Although you might not know it, having a cat directly impacts your life by offering you certain benefits . If you are considering adopting a feline this article will surely convince you to do so.

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Then in YourCatCareguide we will explain to you some advantages that you can only enjoy if at your side you have a cat although this one is more independent and affectionate.

Keep reading and discover the benefits of having a cat by your side, believe that you will run away from home to adopt one!

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They are a company

Even the most independent cats tend to approach their owners for affection and affectionoccasionally. Unlike dogs, cats will not overgrow you and leave if you do not call them.

It will be up to you to educate them and reinforce the behaviors you like so that the animal understands what you expect of it and in what ways it can receive, for example, a treat or caress.

The purr is relaxing

You probably already know this, but the purring that cats make of pleasure is beneficial to us, helping us to relax naturally and unknowingly.

Adapt to you

Unlike other animals, cats often adapt their lifestyle depending on their own. They do not care if you put the food on them later or if today you decide to leave and not show up at home, it will wait for you quietly.

Will have lots of fun

Cats are very entertaining animals and when you know the typical things of cats you will not tire of watching them and playing with them. Taking photos and videos will be your first steps and then you can not stop encouraging him to play and have a good time together. The kids love these animals whose company is very beneficial for them .

Your care is few

Unlike the care that other animals need, the cat does not need an excessive dedication . It will suffice to offer you food and water as well as a scraper, bed and toys. Besides, they are so intelligent animals that know perfectly how to ration their food.

Certain breeds of cats, such as those with very long hair, will need daily brushing.

Learn fast

Another advantage of cats is their speed in learning how, where and how they should do things. By using positive reinforcement the same way we do with dogs we will get great and fast results.

To do this, use small appetizing treats and offer them when you behave the way you want. You can also teach some tricks this way if you want.

Help organize your life

Although the cat does not suffer by modifying its eating times, you will get used to keeping up with yourself . This will help you to be more responsible, which is ideal in case of children.

Your heart will become animalistic.

When you have an animal of your own and begin to bond with him, you understand his fragility in the world we live in. It will be when, when watching a video of animal abuse or neglect, you will feel indignant and think what kind of person would do something like that.

Remember that animal rights are important and they have no voice but you and we have. We must be increasingly united so that society begins to respect and treat them as they deserve .

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