Benefits of castrating a cat

Have you ever wondered why foster cats are always sterilized?

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The answer is very simple, castrated a cat allows to avoid the diseases of transmission, improves the behavior of the specimen, prolongs its life and prevents the appearance of colonies of street cats. In addition, we must take into account the incredible and sad amount of cats abandoned all over the world every day.

For all these reasons it is vital to become aware, especially if you have decided to adopt a street cat, on the benefits of castrating a cat .

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What happens if I do not castrate my cat?

There are many people who think that sterilization is a cruel practice and that they focus only on the cat’s care to improve their quality of life, but what’s right about it? Find out how many disadvantages there are when not castrating a cat:

  • The cats suffer in heat : Have you ever heard a cat during this time? Their screams and moans are endless, especially at night. This is not only uncomfortable for her, who wants to sleep, it is also for her, that she can not practice sex and despairs looking for a way out of her house to find a male.
  • Cats suffer during the heat of cats : The cat can hear the cries of the cat’s heat at an incredible distance, since they have a very developed auditory sense. In this situation it is normal that you try to escape to answer the call. In addition, they often urinate or defect to mark their territory.
  • An unwanted pregnancy : Some people like to have cats, but the reality is that before the arrival of a pregnant cat to our house, we can start asking how we are going to feed a 8 kittens.
  • Problems derived from pregnancy : The consequences of the pregnancy of the cat can be several including abandoned puppies or the death of the mother (if there are difficulties or do not have the economic means to solve any problem, etc).
  • Behavior problems : The cat’s protective instinct will manifest itself repeatedly during its lifetime, this creates stress and discomfort in our pet, and may begin to develop behavioral problems. This has repercussions on antisocial and even aggressive attitudes.
  • Loss of the cat : As we mentioned in the previous point, a cat in heat can not deny its instinct, for that reason it can happen that the animal runs away and ends up getting lost.

What if I decided to castrate my cat?

If the inconveniences do not seem enough to sterilize your cat, pay attention to the advantages of doing this, perhaps change your mind:

  • Improves your cat’s life expectancy : Sterilizing a cat results in a significant improvement in your quality of life, which directly impacts your average life expectancy.
  • We avoid 95% the possibility of suffering from breast cancer : Whenever the cat is sterilized before the first heat, this possibility is reduced to 85%, a very positive value.
  • We prevent the onset of uterine infection : Each cat has a 40% risk of suffering, what if we improve it to 0%?
  • You can sterilize your cat in just 45 minutes .
  • You and your pet will stop suffering because there will no longer be heat.
  • There are some independent projects or organizations that reduce the price of castrations or even do it for free.
  • Your male cat will stop marking the house with urine or feces .
  • It will reduce aggressive behavior and promote stability in the home.

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This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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