Benefits of canine castration

Many people do not know what benefits and advantages a castration can have on pets.

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If you think about bitches and animal shelters, they always deliver the animals for adoption that are already sterilized or castrated, since this prevents serious diseases and transmissions of the same, and improve the behavior of the animal and thus prevent more animals from being abandoned.

If you still have questions about whether to castrate yourself or not, check out the following article from YourCatCareguide in which we show you the benefits of canine castration , you will see that it really is what you should do as responsible for your animal’s health.

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To castrate or sterilize?

Next, we will explain the characteristics of each process to evaluate which one is more favorable for your pet, both for your health and for the problems you can develop:

  • The castration is the surgical removal of the sexual organs, which causes hormonal processes disappear and that the character of the castrated individual be unchanged, except in the case of being a very territorial dog coming to be aggressive sexual dominance in this case castration will make this behavior much less or even disappear. The females will no longer have heat. In males this operation is called castration (removal of the testicles), but in the case of females there are two ways to do it, if only the ovaries are removed, we have an oophorectomy, and if the ovaries and uterus are removed operation is called ovariohysterectomy.
  • On the other hand, we have the sterilization , this operation is different from castration since in this case the sexual organs are not removed, although it prevents the reproduction of the animal. In the case of males it is a vasectomy and in the case of females of a tubal ligation. By performing this operation the individual will continue with his sexual behavior, in the case of males very dominant sexually this dominance will not disappear and the females will continue to have heat, this is because the hormonal processes do not change.

Both one operation and the other are light surgeries that favor the health of our pet, their behavior and prevent reproduction and so both help to decrease the number of abandoned and homeless animals.

However, it must be taken into account that it is an operation under general anesthesia, so it is important that it be performed under the control and responsibility of a specialist veterinarian , in an operating room and with the appropriate materials.

In addition to being held in veterinary clinics and hospitals, there are protective entities that have the infrastructure and the person really needed for it offering more affordable prices and even in campaigns can be free.

Advantages and Benefits of Castrating Your Puppy

We have already mentioned some advantages, but then we will explain many more, both for your pet, for yourself and for the rest of the planet:

Benefits of castrating for your dog or bitch :

  • It has been proven that sterilized or castrated animals have a longer life expectancy.
  • It will decrease and even eliminate aggressive behaviors that can cause them problems because of fights with other males or females.
  • Many diseases are avoided, as it is also proven that uncastrated dogs are at high risk of contracting very serious diseases that can end in their death.
  • Some of the diseases that we can avoid with this procedure are those that can derive from the process of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, which can leave sequels and even cause the death of our dog and / or their young.
  • For females there is a great benefit to being sterilized early on as this greatly reduces the likelihood of breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer, including contracting uterine infections. If this is not done at a young age, these risks are also reduced, but the younger the bitch the more percentage we are able to reduce these risks.
  • In castration males decreases prostate and testis cancer. It happens the same as we refer to females, the younger the risk is lowered.
  • In females, psychological pregnancy is avoided, because when they suffer from it they go through both physically and psychologically, and it is a long process to solve.
  • You avoid the behavior that occurs when the females are in heat and have a strong instinct to reproduce, something that causes them to run away from home to find a male and unfortunately leads them to lose themselves or to suffer accidents.
  • In the same way, we avoid this sexual behavior in males, because when they detect a female in heat their instinct is to run away from home to look for it, with the possibility of getting lost and having accidents. In addition, a single male can impregnate several females in a single day.

Benefits of castrating your pet for you :

  • Your pet will mark much less territory, which will make you urinate less at home and at every corner.
  • In case you have a dog, castrating it will improve the hygiene in your house, because it will no longer stain the floor of the whole house with blood every time you have heat, which is two a year for several days.
  • It will improve behavior problems such as aggressiveness.
  • Your dog or bitch will be less ill because it eliminates the risk of many diseases, especially cancer. You will notice this mainly economically because you will need to go less to the veterinarian with your pet, in addition you will have a healthier, happier companion and that will live more years at your side.
  • It will prevent litter of unwanted puppies, as a bitch can have several puppies and twice a year.
  • It will avoid feeling bad and having problems with litter of puppies that you can not take care of and have at home.
  • You should think that it is an operation with a very low risk and that if you are going to have your general anesthesia you can take advantage to perform any further operation or treatment, if necessary. For example, a mouth cleaning in case you have accumulated tartar as it can lead to very serious problems. Taking advantage of the anesthesia will be healthier for your friend and more economical for you.

For society, living beings and our planet :

  • Sterilizing or castrating our dog or bitch we are preventing unwanted litters from being born and that is why more dogs are abandoned.
  • It gives the opportunity to an abandoned animal to get a house.
  • Avoid the unnecessary sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of puppies for lack of a house and owners to take care of them. We should be aware that only a bitch and her first litter without neutering or sterilizing can breed, for example over a period of 6 years, and bring 67,000 puppies to the world.
  • Thanks to this, it reduces the saturation of shelters and associations that are dedicated to look after and look for houses for abandoned dogs. Most of them are at their maximum capacity.
  • Castration is the only real way to reduce the number of abandoned animals.
  • Reducing animals on the streets also reduces the risk of animals being abandoned both to them and to the inhabitants of a village, because sometimes a street animal to defend its space or to be frightened can defend itself and / or attack.
  • The management of associations, animal shelters and other similar entities, generates a large economic expense sometimes private, but often it is public money. Thus, by castrating our pets, we are avoiding the saturation of these entities, helping to reduce the economic cost.

Myths about sterilization and castration

There are many myths related to the sterilization and castration of pets. So we leave you with a list of some of these myths that have already been discovered by science:

  • “To be healthy for the bitch, she has to have a litter before being castrated.”
  • “As my dog ​​is of a race with Pedigree should follow with his offspring.”
  • “I want a dog just like mine, so the only way is to breed.”
  • “My dog ​​is male, so I do not need to castrate him since I will not have the puppies.”
  • “To castrate or sterilize my dog, I am depriving him of his sexuality.”
  • “Instead of sterilizing my pet, I will give you birth control pills.”
  • “My dog ​​is going to gain weight uncontrollably.”

Discarding these false myths, are you going to think about castrating your dog? Provide a full and happy life at your side, because being realistic your dog does not need anything else.

After neutering your dog, know what care you should take with it.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

If you want to read more articles the less you may know about the benefits of canine castration, please visit our Prevention section .

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