Care of the belier rabbit

When we refer to a Belier rabbit, we know that it is a small rabbit that has large, drooping ears, being a furry and friendly animal. But, if you are considering adopting one, you should pay attention to your specific needs .

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The breed of this rabbit , which weighs about 2.5 kilograms, is a kind of gentle and quiet rabbit. He has, however, need to exercise and socialize with people and other rabbits. For information on the best care for a Belier rabbit, follow the advice of ExpertAnimal so that no one knows you better than you.

Continue reading this article by YourCatCareguide to know all about the care of belier rabbit and compare them with what you observe in your particular rabbit. Come on!

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A space for the Belier rabbit

If you decide to adopt a Belier rabbit , it is very important that you buy a cage that is wide enough for it to move freely and without distress.

Despite being a docile breed and very sociable, these rabbits are also very restless and require a space that matches their nature. It is necessary to keep the cage in excellent hygienic conditions so that the rabbit feels good and does not develop any type of disease.

Whether you live in town or in the country, you should not always keep the rabbit in the cage. It is imperative to let him out so that he can run with complete freedom and exercise. If you have no way to allow it to be outdoors, be careful as it can gnaw any cable in your home.

It should also prevent the cage from getting anywhere with very high or very low temperatures, since these rabbits require moderate temperatures .

What should a rabbit’s home have?

  • Drinking tank: Must have capacity for at least half a liter of water. You can also use a small bowl or bowl as a drinking fountain, running the risk of getting dirty frequently.
  • Tray or corner: It is a suitable place for the rabbit to learn to make their needs clean and hygienic. Do not use cat’s sand as it may cause infection. Look for specific rabbit material at pet trade stores.
  • Wood to gnaw: They must be untreated wood otherwise they can chip and cause intestinal problems in rabbits. They help your rabbit not grow abnormal teeth . Choose woods from fruit trees, like apple trees or orange trees.
  • Dispenser or bowl: Essential for providing food, hay and daily servings of fruit and vegetables.
  • Bed, cotton towel or rag: That’s where your rabbit will rest at night, although many do not quite understand its usefulness.

The belier bunny must have a vet

The Belier rabbit requires certain regular veterinary checks to check whether your health is at 100%.

If the Belier rabbit lives in the street or in the company of other animals, it will be necessary to vermifugate it internally and externally. Your rabbit should be vaccinated every 6 months in the fall and spring to prevent it from contracting myxomatosis, a disease transmitted by fleas and mosquitoes that can lead to its death.

In addition, it is recommended that it is vaccinated against viral haemorrhagic disease once a year, especially if it cohabits with other rabbits. At the first visit to the vet, the professional will advise you on all the treatments and medical care your rabbit should receive.

The feeding of the belier rabbit

The Belier rabbit has a very sensitive digestion and, therefore, must pay special attention to its feeding. In the first 4 months of age, it is only recommended that you eat hay . From adulthood, you can begin to introduce fruit and vegetables into your diet.

From his sexual maturity, the rabbit never stops eating hay. However, you should start offering (in controlled portions) specific food and daily portions of fruit and vegetables, introduced gradually. Under no circumstances offer ration for breeding rabbits.

What fruits and vegetables can I give the rabbit Belier?

Fruits should always be offered without seeds. You can choose to give apple, pear, peach, melon, grape, orange … Always giving small portions at first.

As for vegetables, you can choose between tomatoes, cabbage, endive, cucumber, spinach, carrots, beans, broccoli or alfalfa. Seek out what your rabbit’s favorite is, as each case is different.

Also, it should give you malt and brush it very often to prevent the formation of hair balls in your stomach.

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