Because your cat sleeps with you – 5 reasons!

It’s time to go to bed and when you get into bed you have company: your cat. You do not know why, but all or almost every night your cat lies with you. The truth is that it is quite relaxing and pleasant to sleep in the company of a kitten and so we do not get them out of bed, but why do they come and sleep with us? If you want to know the 5 reasons why your cat sleeps with you , do not miss this YourCatCareguide article.

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Comfort, company, warmth … There are several reasons why your cat sleeps with you and here is the full explanation.

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1. By temperature

Cats love the heat . If you fix it, you are always looking for the hottest places in the house to hide and spend some quiet time. Near the heater, come in the cushions or in any corner where the sun hits . So it is not surprising that your cat catches you at bedtime, or that it gives you warmth to be more comfortable yet.

2. Comfort

Although they are playful and sometimes very active, the truth is that cats are lazy and can sleep up to 15 hours a day. Although they may lie down in the most unexpected places, they are obviously more comfortable sleeping in a fluffy bed, so one reason your cat sleeps with you is simply for comfort .

3. You transmit security

Although they seem relaxed, cats are constantly on alert, so jump to the smallest gesture you make around them. The relationship with your cat is very important, you probably consider yourself more of the family, so enjoy sleeping with you and feel more secure and relaxedwhen you sleep at your feet in your bed. If you lower and keep and rest at your side it is because you feel very safe near you.

4. Territoriality

It may be that one of the reasons your cat sleeps with you is because he thinks the bed is yours and it is he who lets you sleep there. The positive part of this is that your cat likes you enough and trusts you to let it sleep next to you.

5. Likes you

Yes, cats can look very clumsy and independent, but that’s just a facade. The truth is that the cat also likes company, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home will miss you very much .

Cats usually lie down together when they are in litters to share warmth and companionship, so if he rubs himself, gives him little butts, licks him and lies with you because he considers him as another cat. Congratulations! That means you have a perfect relationship with your feline companion.

Is it good to sleep with a cat?

Sleeping with a cat has advantages and disadvantages , like everything else. If the cat spends long periods on the street or you are allergic it is not recommended that you sleep in your bed.

However, if you do not leave home and are vaccinated and wormed there is no problem, it can actually help strengthen your bond and you will sleep more easily, more relaxed and happier. Remember that brushing your cat’s hair regularly will make the bed rest more hygienic and do not let go of so many hairs .

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