Why do wolves howl at the moon?

Wolves or lupus kennels are majestic and mystery-filled animals that man has been studying for generations. Among all the mysteries and unknowns that surround this mammal, there is a very usual question: why do wolves howl at the full moon ?

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some clues about the meaning of this action and we will solve with you this mystery. Is it just a legend or is there a scientific explanation? Keep reading!

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Wolf howling at the moon – the legend

There is an ancient legend that tells that during a dark night, the moon went down to earth to discover the mysteries of it. When she got close to the trees, she was stuck in their branches. It was a wolf that set her free, and all night the moon and the wolf shared stories, games, and games.

The moon fell in love with the spirit of the wolf and, in an act of selfishness, took his shadow to remember forever that night. Since that day, the wolf howls desperately for the moon to give him back his shadow.

The influence of the moon on living things

Parallel to the magic and other beliefs of difficult explanation, we know that the earth is affected by the stars that are in the universe. There is a real and physical influence between the stars and our planet.

For thousands of generations, farmers and fishermen have adapted their work according to the phases of the moon. Because? The moon has a monthly and periodic movement of 28 days in which exactly reproduces the annual movement of the sun. During the crescent moon, it increases the nocturnal luminosity and, consequently, the activity of the alive beings. Thus, a chain of factors are produced that stimulate the wolf, factors that by us humans are very difficult to be perceived and the animals, with their incredible capacities, detect with more intensity.

Why do wolves howl?

All of us, animal lovers, agree that the wolf howl is a very shocking and captivating phenomenon. Wolves, like other animals, use phonetics to communicate with other individuals .

The howl of the wolf is unique and particular in each individual, helping to stay in touch with all the members of the pack. For a single vocalization to reach kilometers away, the wolf has to extend the neck upwards. This position is one of the factors that gave rise to the expression: ” wolves howl at the moon “.

In addition, the howling of the wolf is contagious. By having complex social structures and a high level of intelligence, they are likely to experience stress and other emotions. Being away from other members of the pack, for example, may increase the volume of the howl to try to find the family again.

Reason for wolves howling

Science tells us that wolves do not howl at the moon . However, it is possible that the full moon influences in some way the behavior of these animals and that this is reflected in an increase of intensity and frequency of the howls.

The morphology and the very nature of the social relations of these animals led to the perpetuation of this popular idea and that still seems magical!

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