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“Dogs wag their tail when they are happy and keep it down when they are sad,” how many times did they tell you this when you asked why the dogs wag their tail? Without a doubt, this is one of the most widespread beliefs about dog behavior worldwide. However, the motives that drive our furry friends to shake, lift, or hide their ass go far beyond that.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we show you in detail the reasons that lead the dogs to wave their tail so that they learn to interpret each of their movements. Keep reading and find out why the dogs wag their tail .

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The dog’s tail, the most expressive part of your body

Along with the ears, the dog uses his tail to express all his emotions , feelings and states of mind, so understanding each of his movements can help us interpret what our friend tries to tell us. In addition, some movements that make with his tail are directly related to the process of socialization , so, amputating it will not only represent a cruel act towards the animal, but also has prevented him from relating with other dogs, animals pet and people properly.

On the other hand, the tail of the animal is no more than the continuation of the vertebral column. In this way, the tail (tail) of the dog is formed by caudal or coccygeal vertebrae, being between 20 and 23. Regardless of how the dog has the tail (straight, curved or curled), because it is the end of the spine helps you to maintain balance, this being another important reason to avoid your amputation.

Does the dog wag its tail to the left or to the right?

A study by a team of scientists at the University of Trento states that depending on the direction the dog wag its tail expresses one or another emotion. According to their research published in the year 2013, this is what dogs express:

  • When the dog shakes its tail to the right it is receiving a positive stimulus and therefore the emotions it feels are positive.
  • When the dog shakes its tail to the left the emotions felt are totally contrary and therefore it is faced with negative stimuli.

Why does it happen?

The scientists who carried out the study say that the brains of dogs follow the same organization as ours, so they have a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere, with different functions. In addition, the right hemisphere of the dogs is also responsible for the movements that it performs in the left zone of its body, and the left part of the right part. In this way, when the left part of the brain receives a positive stimulus, it emits the order and causes the dog’s tail to move to the right. The same happens when the stimulus is negative, the right hemisphere causes the tail to move to the left.

Some users have expressed felicidade

The previous study helps us know if our dog wants to express negative or positive emotions, but not what class of emotions exactly, so it is fundamental to continue to inquire the different reasons that can lead the dog to wag its tail, as well as notice others signs of your body. That being the case, when our dog wags its tail from side to side energetically and, in addition, it leaps, barks or tries to sway us, it is telling us that it is happy, joyful and excited. This attitude is seen especially when we return home after a few hours, when we go for a walk with him or when we will offer him food.

When they want to play

When the dogs wag their tails in circles and play or move their front paws from side to side, this tells us that they want to play with us. If it is the right time, do not hesitate and start your favorite game. You can play with dog toys, teach him to fetch the cake or to run together in an open space. Remember that spending a period of time a day to play with your four-legged friend is key to keeping him active and also to strengthen your bond.

To show your authority

If your dog keeps its tail raised , fully erected, and ears straight up , it is taking an authoritative attitude to show another dog, person or animal that he is in charge of the piece. some dogs have a more submissive and a more dominant character. If our dog belongs to the second group, it will be crucial that you continue working on your socialization to prevent it from becoming aggressive.

Shave your tail to communicate with other dogs

On both sides of the anus, the dogs have the so-called anal glands . In them, a lubricating substance is generated that they use to defecate without difficulties. However, this is not the only function they have, since the anal glands provide each dog with a unique scent. When they shake their tails, the dog that does it gives off the aroma to identify and catch the attention of the dogs around them. Have you ever wondered why the dogs sniffed between them? Here is the answer!

In addition to allowing dogs to communicate with each other, dogs wag their tail to give off their particular scent for reproductive purposes. In this way, when females meet in heat, it is not surprising that they pursue the males with their tail fully erected and making effusive movements from one side to another. If you want to avoid a possible pregnancy, keep in mind that sterilization is the best solution.

When you feel relaxed and relaxed

When a dog is quiet, relaxed and at ease, it tends to leave its tail down but away from its paws . It may add some other slow movement from side to side, but never with rapidity or effusiveness. In this way, we see that when dogs keep their tails down they do not necessarily indicate fear nor represent a response to a negative stimulus. If you want to know the calmer dog breeds , do not miss this article!

Are you sad and afraid?

If the dog has his tail between his paws and ears behind , he is showing us that he is afraid, sad or scared. Especially when this latter state is produced, the dog also has bristly hair and shakes. For these cases, it will be crucial to pay attention to the possible causes that may be generating sadness or fear in our partner. For more information, see our article in which we explain what to do when your puppy is sad .

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