Why does the dog drink a lot of water?

In addition to watching your dog eat properly, you should pay attention to the amount of water he eats. He should always have fresh and clean wateravailable and you should make sure he drinks the required amount.

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Water is the most important essential nutrient for the survival of all organisms. About 70% of the dog’s body weight is composed of water. Through this YourCatCareguide article, you will be noticing if your dog is drinking the amount of water needed for water. Why does the dog drink a lot of water? Keep reading to find out.

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Water Functions for the Dog:

Before you panic and begin to think that you are facing a clinical sign of illness, it is important to know the functions of water, so that you can associate and detect the possible pathologies associated with the imbalance of it.

Some of the water functions are:

  • The transport of nutrients and other products to filter.
  • Participation in cellular metabolic reactions.
  • Be part of the structure of organs and tissues.
  • The protection and damping of organs.
  • Thermoregulation.

The origin of body water comes from the consumption of water, food intake and metabolic reactions that occur in the body. In turn, water losses occur through urine, feces, lungs and skin. In the case of dogs, the elimination of water through the skin is minimal since the dogs only sweat through the tongue and cushions, where they possess the sweat glands.

Why does my dog ​​drink lots of water? It’s normal?

There are some aspects to take into account related to the consumption of water, which are not always indicative signs of disease:

  • Younger dogs consume more water than older dogs.
  • The more the dog weighs, the more water it will drink.
  • Pregnant or lactating dogs have a greater need for water intake than bitches in other physiological states.
  • Dogs who exercise more exercise need to drink more water than the more sedentary dogs.
  • The components of the daily food ration that consumes the dog, determine the intake of water. The more dry matter the food contains, the more fiber and more sodium it contains, and the dog will consume proportionally more water.
  • The temperature and humidity characteristics of the place where we live will influence the water intake. So, in places with a lower humidity and warmer, the dogs will drink more water.
  • The very characteristics of the water (temperature, taste, smell, cleaning) that the dogs have at their disposal, influence the ingestion.

In addition, it is very important to emphasize that certain pharmacological treatments suchas corticoids or diuretics also cause a greater intake of water .

Amount of water a dog should drink per day

How much water should a dog drink per day ? If the dog has no problem, there will be a balance between gains and losses of water and will need about 70 ml of water per kg of body weight per day .

If there is any pathology that causes an increase in water losses, there will be a greater need for water intake. This pathology is called polydipsia . Polydipsia is usually accompanied by polyuria (the dog’s urine more) and may be accompanied and other clinical signs.

Water intake is regulated by the antidiuretic hormone that is released by the pituitary gland and is directed to the kidneys, which act by concentrating the urine. This axis may malfunction at any of the points due to diseases such as :

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Intoxications
  • Infections like pyometra
  • Hyperadrenocorticism
  • Renal failure
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Hepatic impairment

Dog drinks a lot of water and urinates a lot

If you think your dog drinks too much water and is also vomiting, is sad, eats little and transparent urine , should visit your veterinarian quickly.

The specialist can evaluate through different diagnostic tests what causes the dog to ingest more water and to define an appropriate treatment. Do not try to treat the dog with a treatment on its own or medicate the dog without the supervision of the veterinarian.

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