Why do cats suck on the blanket?

Cats have some very strange habits for us humans. In particular, eat strange things or lick strange objects. If the behavior happened only once, there is no need to worry but if, on the other hand, it is something that happens repeatedly, your cat may have a problem.

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If you have a cat with strange habits, namely suckling on the cover, you’ve probably wondered: why do cats suck on the blanket ? YourCatCareguide has prepared this article to answer your questions.

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Why Cats Lick Blankets

When cats chew, lick, or suck something other than food, we are faced with anomalous behavior. We call this “pica” behavior. The word Pica comes from Latin and means “catch”, a bird of the crow family that is well known for its eating behavior: eat everything that appears to you in the front! The handles have the habit of stealing and hiding the strangest objects.

The Cock is a syndrome that affects many animals, from humans, mice and of course, our cats. The favorite objects of the felines for this behavior are: cardboard, paper, plastic bags and fabrics, such as wool (so he suckles on the cover or cloth). The races most predisposed to this concrete problem of “sucking on the blanket” are the Eastern races such as Siamese and Burmese.

There are still no certainties as to the causes of this syndrome. However, because it affects more races than others, it is believed that it may have a strong genetic component . For a long time experts believed that this syndrome was caused by an early separation of the kitten from the litter. However, nowadays it is believed that this is not the main cause in most races.

The most likely cause is that it is a habit (as it is in people) that relieves stress and promotes a sense of well-being in the cat. Sometimes this behavior is associated with a loss of appetite and / or ingestion of strange food items.

However, it is important to take into account that several causes may be at the origin of Pica’s behavior. Each cat is a different world and faced with any behavioral change you should visit your veterinarian to rule out even the most unlikely causes.

A recent study on cats who suckled wool

Recently, in 2015, a group of researchers tried to understand this problem better. More than 204 Siamese and Burmese cats were involved in the study. The results revealed that there was no relationship between the animal’s physical characteristics and the anomalous behavior of suckling in tissues. However, they found that in the breed of Siamese cats there was a relationship between other medical problems and this behavior. In Burmese cats the results suggest that early weaning and a small litter box appear to promote this type of behavior. In addition, in both races, there was an intense increase in appetite 1 .

More studies are needed to understand this complex problem of behavior of our felines. For now, you should try to do what the experts indicate. Although there is still no exact way to get around the problem.

Cat breast on the deck – Treatment

Unfortunately, there is no 100% effective solution to this problem. Either way, you should follow these guidelines :

  • Take the cat to the vet if he is taking strange things. Although it is not common, it can be a nutritional deficiency and only the veterinarian can make analyzes to discard this possibility.
  • Hide cashmere products or other materials that are preferred by your feline. Close the door of the rooms when you are not at home to prevent the cat from going there and spending hours performing this type of behavior.
  • Promote cat physical exercise. The longer the cat is entertained, the less time it will spend nursing on the blankets. Make homemade toys with cardboard or recyclable material .
  • Very severe cases of pica may require psychoactive medication.

Cat kneading bread

Sometimes tutors worry about their feline behavior, mainly because they are not aware of the normal behavior of this incredible breed. One of the behaviors that raises many doubts is the cat “kneading bread”. In fact, this behavior is perfectly normal and common in cats. Massage with paws relaxes and reassures cats, so you see so many times the cat having this behavior.

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