Why do cats roll on the floor?

At times, the behavior of cats may be inexplicable to humans. Things that seem very funny to us, a simple joke or even a cat’s whim, are, in fact, grounded by instinct.

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If you have ever seen your cat rolling on the ground, it is very likely that he has already wondered why he has such a peculiar behavior that can be accompanied by meowing and even a little contortionist movements. If you want to know why your cat rolls to the ground , keep reading this YourCatCareguide article.

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The cat rubs itself on the ground to mark territory

Rolling on the ground and whirling is a behavior that does not only happen in domestic cats, it also happens in larger cats. One of the reasons they do this behavior is to mark territory with the aim of keeping distance from other felines and possible enemies.

How do they do that? Pheromones are mainly responsible for marking the territory. All animals, including humans, emit pheromones , which are responsible for giving each individual a distinctive odor, among other functions. It is for this reason that when the feline wishes to protect his territory, he rubs the body through the soil and other surfaces, with the intention of spreading the odor throughout the surroundings. So if you watch your cat wriggling around the floor or rubbing it, this may be the reason.

During the period of estrus

Pheromones also play an important role during the feline estrus season, in both males and females. Through the pheromones are transmitted odor marks characteristic of each cat and signs of bodily changes as the ideal time to cross.

During this period, females and males show a behavior different from usual in which it is possible to highlight the turns on the floor, behavior especially typical of the cats. For what? To spread the pheromones full of the aroma of heat and thus attract all the males that are nearby. If you want to know more information, read our article on heat in cats .

Roll on the floor to cool off

As you may know, felines have a higher body temperature , so they like to do things like lying in the sun or sleeping near the heater. When the heat of summer intensifies, they suffer a little from it and feel very uncomfortable.

In order to cool down, the cat is likely to drink larger amounts of water, look for more ventilated places to rest and rub on the floor made of granite, marble or wood because they are usually cooler to touch. In this way, if you watch your cat rolling on the floor and drinking more water than normal, it is possible that this reason justifies why your cat lies down at all times.

Does the cat rub too hard against the floor? You need to scratch yourself!

The flexibility of cats is one of their most emblematic features. Observing the cat to put himself in positions worthy of a contortionist, which even a yoga master would not be able to, is a very amusing thing. However, in spite of the great elasticity of these animals, it is possible that the cat does not reach some particularly problematic area of his body and opts to rub against some object to relieve the itching that feels in that zone. This may be one reason why the cat rubs itself on the floor if the itch is on the back, for example.

Wants to play!

There are many ways your cat has to tell you that he wants to play with you, including rolling over on his back and spinning on the floor or any surface, right next to you so you can watch and understand that he wants some fun .

When the cat demonstrates this behavior, try to approach him with some toy or make gestures that indicate his intention to play. They are sure to have a lot of fun! If you would like to make some homemade toys do not miss our articles: how to make toys for cats with cardboard , how to make toys for cats with recyclable material and still economic ideas of toys for cats .

Need attention!

Cats, especially those living in apartments, spend hours entertained chasing after their human guardians at home and watching everything they do during the day. Generally, they alternate this pastime with their long sleep hours .

When you are very busy and have little time to play with the cat, it is possible that he is boredor feels that you are not caring for him, so he will try to get your attention at all costs. He can not bear you not to see him!

To get your attention, roll on the floor showing the beautiful belly in order to call you to play. If at another time he used this technique to get your attention and it worked, you are likely to continue using this behavior to get the same results and maybe that is why your cat rolls around the floor when you are around.

Ama catnip

The cat’s herb , also called catnip, is a delight for most felines, whose main effect is relaxation . If you spread a little of this grass on the ground, it is normal for your cat to roll and rub on it. Most cats love the effects that this substance produces.

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