Why do cats open their mouth when they smell something?

Surely you have seen your cat sniffing something and then open – mouthed , making a kind of grimace. They make that expression of “surprise” but it is not a surprise, no! There is a great tendency to associate certain behaviors of the animals with those of humans, which is perfectly normal considering that it is the behavior that we know best. However, most of the time, it is not what we are thinking.

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Each animal species has a specific and different behavior from the other species. If you have a kitten, this incredible feline and a great companion, it is very important that you know his normal behavior . Thus, you can detect any change, in addition to greatly improve your relationship with him.

If you got to this article, it’s because you’re wondering why cats open their mouth when they smell something . Continue reading because YourCatCareguide prepared this article especially to answer this question so common among the tutors of these animals!

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Why does the cat open its mouth?

Cats detect substances that are not volatile, namely pheromones . These chemicals send messages through nerve stimuli to the brain which in turn interprets them. This allows them to receive information from their social group and to detect the heat of the cats , for example.

Why do cats keep their mouths open?

Through this reflex of Flehmen , the openings of nasopalatine ducts increase and a pumping mechanism is created that carries the odors to the vomeronasal organ. It is for this reason that the cat is breathing with open mouth , to facilitate the entry of pheromones and other chemical substances.

It’s not just the cat that owns this incredible organ. Surely he has already wondered why his dog licks the urine of other dogs and the answer lies precisely in the vomeronasal or Jacobson organ. There are several species that possess this organ and that make the reflection of Flehmen like the cattle, horses, tigers, tapirs, lions, goats and giraffes.

Gasping cat with tongue out

The behavior we referred to earlier is not related to panting or breathing cat like dog . If your cat starts panting like a dog after doing physical exercise, it is possible that the cause is obesity. The obesity can cause respiratory disorders. It is common for, for example, more chubby cats to snore .

If your cat is coughing or sneezing, you should visit the veterinarian you trust because your cat may have some disease, such as:

  • Viral infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • Allergy
  • Strange object on nose

Whenever you notice any changes in the cat’s natural behavior, you should seek help from a specialist. Sometimes small signs can detect diseases in the most primordial phases and this is the key to treatment success.

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