Why does my rabbit bite me?

Relations between rabbits and people can deteriorate when incidents involving aggressive symptomsoccur , such as biting. These could lead to creating distances and apprehension between the pet and its human companion. Before you exceed the limit, you must stop to analyze the situation and try to see it from the small animal’s perspective.

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Consider the possible reasons for bites: does the rabbit feel scared? Was not your contact delicate? Will your rabbit be completely healthy? Are you happy? All these scenarios are perfectly valid. Keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide where you will find the answer to your question of why your rabbit bites you and also some recommendations to improve your behavior.

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Love Bites

Biting does not always mean that the rabbit is bored. In fact, it may be a display of affectionthat should not bother you. The “love bites” are usually on the fingers and toes and hurt very little, although they can cause certain annoyances, because they are finally bitten.

This is one of the ways your rabbit has to show you how much you like yourself, so to identify if your rabbit is biting “in love” you have to know that this bite is often accompanied by lickingand that your pet will be quiet, with eyes almost closed and without the hair standing upright. This series of actions and reactions also indicate that your rabbit is trying to sanitize and give you pampering as you do with yourself.

Fear and insecurity

Most rabbits that bite are because they are afraid and it is their defense mechanism. They have learned that biting causes the threat to withdraw. Some people often think that rabbits are like teddy bears and that they have no emotions like humans. For example, pulling her ears or stepping on the ground at her side abruptly, are things that are unpleasant for rabbits causing them fear .

Look at the approach to your rabbit, you may be making some kind of contact that he does not like, and his way of telling you is through biting. Remember to always be very carefulwhen treating your pet, especially the rabbits.

How do I know if my rabbit is afraid?

The bristling hair , the wide-eyed, anxious eyes, and the small movements or footsteps with their paws are just a few indicators that your rabbit is afraid of something. If it makes noise, then it’s because something is really wrong.

To gain the confidence of your rabbit and be able to calm him in these circumstances, one of the best techniques is to lower yourself to your level and spend time on the ground, speaking to you in a calm and affectionate tone. Rabbits respond positively to kindness .

If your rabbit is biting you too much and has aggressive attitudes you should leave some distance and allow him to approach if you wish. Put a little of your favorite food or treat in the palm of your hand and stretch it to him and let him approach. Once you do, start stroking it, always gently. Have patience, gaining the trust of any creature takes its time.

Feel pain

The strongest and most regular bites in a rabbit that used to be tender and open were signs of physical discomfort . If your rabbit bites you in this way, it is telling you that something hurts. Rabbits can hide the fact that they hurt them until they can not do it any more.

Nuisances and pain from poor dental health (such as abnormal growth of the rabbit’s teeth ), arthritis, injuries that are not always visible, and even mites in the rabbit , are often problems that cause bites and restlessness in our little ones friends. Whenever you detect a sudden and sudden change of behavior it is advisable to consult the veterinarian to rule out a possible illness.

A bad environment

Maybe your rabbit does not feel good in the living environment. And with environment we are talking about your house, cage, your food and the daily exercise that you should perform. For example, a diet low in hay and unbalanced can lead to discomfort and therefore a bite.

For these animals, food is very important. In addition, the hygiene of your space and solitude are factors that may be influencing. Make sure your rabbit has a decent and clean place to live, with access to fresh water, physical and mental distraction. If it is possible for you, think about adopting another rabbit to keep you company.

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