Because my dog ​​eats feces

If your dog eat stool is exposed to various health problems that can foster the appearance of bacteria or parasites in the gut, among many other problems. It is not only a problem we dislike, but it can also have serious consequences for your health.

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Coprophagia or faecal ingestion is common in both dogs and other animal species, and although it is common, it often disgusts dog owners when they observe this behavior.

If what you want is definitely to solve this problem, then keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide to know why your dog eats feces .

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Animal behavior and fecal consumption

It is likely that when you decided to adopt a dog, nobody told you that this could happen, let alone you have thought about it. The coprofagia or ingestion of feces is more common than we think and, although it should avoid is important to know a few things.

It is a behavior that in nature has its importance since many animals resort to it if they go hungry or need an extra nutritional value. Through the stool we expel the remains of the food that no longer interests our body, yet remain remains of undigested food that can still serve.

We are talking about feces that contain remains of food that still maintain sustenance that, in the wild and when you go hungry become essential. Here enter not only the dogs but also the rabbits, rodents, cattle, horses, among others. The dog is not the only animal that eats feces!

What Makes Your Dog Eat Feces

Since we already know the reasons for coprophagy in nature, it remains to be determined what causes our pet to eat the feces.

You suspect your dog eats feces but does not know exactly when to do it? If you are worried about this, then you can always put one or two cameras that cover the perimeter of your garden. See what your puppy does and how it behaves when you are not at home.

Here’s a list of possible causes that make your dog eat stool:

  • The dog wants to catch your eye in the park eating feces . Although you may be angry at him, perhaps your pet just wants you to spend some time during your walk in the park. Think about whether you care enough and play with it.
  • Your dog has digestive problems . Do you see that your dog does diarrhea? Do you have problems digesting food? Is it a puppy? Sometimes the difficulties that dogs suffer to eat properly make them prefer to eat “soft” food, in this case feces. Change your food for a few days to a more soft canned or pate, if you do not observe changes, take it to the veterinarian.
  • Your pet is affected by loneliness . If your dog spends many hours alone, then it is likely that out of boredom and loneliness he decides to eat his own feces. Think about whether you’re having enough time with him.
  • You have a very clean dog . If you regularly clean your pet (clean, do not drink when the container is dirty, etc.), you may decide to eat feces to avoid getting dirty. Take time to clean the house and garden regularly. You can not allow your dog to live surrounded by dirt.
  • He’s hungry . Maybe the food you’re giving her is not enough. Lack of vitamins and minerals or starving yourself in excess is a serious problem. You should solve it by giving you more food or more quality ration.
  • Your bitch just had puppies . If you are in this situation it is likely that your dog will eat the feces to avoid the smell and with that the presence of possible predators. Clean up constantly so she does not have to perform this task.
  • Have a very curious dog : Especially the puppies out of curiosity can explore and eat his or her pet stool. You can find them an appetizing flavor and therefore eat them. Do not let this happen, you should tell him “No” and keep him well fed so this does not happen again.
  • Negative behaviors : If we use punishment regularly with our dog when defecating at home or approaching the muzzle of the feces by giving it a scold, you can eat them to avoid this situation. Avoid negative behaviors and always use positive reinforcement .
  • Other problems : If you notice that the causes are serious, they may stem from an illness or you just can not identify the causes, consult your veterinarian to help you solve the problem.

Tips and advice to prevent your dog from eating feces

Here’s a short list of useful information that can solve this behavior:

  • Keep your dog’s area clean . Of course hygiene will not only help to solve this problem, it will also help the dog to be less prone to suffering from some type of disease or infection. Hygiene in your space, in the container of food or drink or in your bed is essential for a life worthy of any pet. This is part of the 5 freedoms of animal welfare .
  • Say “No” to him at the moment . You should say “No” the moment you pick up your pet to eat the feces and for that you need to understand the “No”. You should also reward him with congratulations when eating the usual food, in this way we reinforce the desired behavior. Also, you should never over-yell or yell at him as this may aggravate the problem, as anxiety and worry can continue to eat the stool to try to make them disappear.
  • Add pineapple chunks to your usual food . We speak of very small pieces of this fruit that will change the taste of the feces. In many cases this trick causes the dog to stop eating the feces.
  • Avoid buying too much processed food . We recommend that you avoid foods that contain excess carbohydrates, fats, etc. Find out what types of dog foods are available and give them the best you can.
  • Shock therapy: Have your dog hate the stool . Spray lemon juice or vinegar over feces. What this will do is create an unpleasant taste for them, which may or may not work.

Remember that ingesting both your feces and those of other pets is dangerous and has risks to the health of your dog . This behavior can be a cause of a disease or disorder of the animal itself. Avoid this behavior at all costs by giving it time and taking it to the veterinarian if you can not resolve this behavior.

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