Because my dog ​​follows me everywhere.

After adopting a dog, and especially if you have never had one before, you can quickly realize that the animal does not stop following us wherever we go. And it may be that this situation bothers you or that you are just looking for an answer to your behavior.

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In YourCatCareguide we will tell you all the reasons and causes that give rise to this behavior in the dog, so keep reading this article that answers the question because my dog ​​follows me everywhere .

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The dog and its pack

Dogs have an innate social behavior within the pack so they usually organize themselves into an invisible hierarchy that is not always measured by force as some believe. The alpha hierarchy and position determines the survival of the group .

Todas aquelas pessoas que têm mais de um cachorro poderão observar que come sempre a mesma coisa primeiro, também parece que tem prioridade sobre os brinquedos, uma determinada cama, etc. O cachorro alfa da matilha é quem proporciona alimento ou permite determinadas ações ao resto do grupo, transmite-lhes conhecimentos. É por este motivo que os seus congêneres não o seguem por ser o mais forte ou o maior, mas sim por que sabem que sob as suas ordens a sua capacidade de sobrevivência aumenta. Juntos são mais fortes.

It is for this reason that dogs usually follow who provides them the comforts and privileges inside and outside the home. In addition, it is important to note that a dog will not follow a leader solely because of all that he will give him, at the level of food or objects as toys, but also for all the love and affection he provides.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves him more than he loves himself.”

My dog ​​follows me everywhere.

If you decide to adopt a dog or a dog from an adult shelter , it is normal to see this behavior exaggerated. It must be asked whether this attitude bothers you or not, and most importantly, if it is the result of some problem. Many owners feel good to feel the support of the dog behind, others on the contrary do not accept this silent company of the pet.

Follow these tips to prevent your dog from always following you :

  • To begin with, your puppy should learn two basic commands: that are to sit down and be quiet. Learning all sorts of basic orders for dogs is key to understanding what you expect from them.
  • Always use positive reinforcement in the training of these orders by offering you dog treats. You should have patience and be constant. Remember that a dog stimulated mentally will be a healthier and happier dog. For this reason, in addition to teaching you basic orders essential to your daily routine, you will be generating more confidence and will gradually observe a decrease in the dependent attitude. I preached him whenever he deserved and did a good job.
  • Accept your company. Remember that the dog is a social animal . Stop playing with him if you hurt him or if you are tired, but do not avoid relating to him. Teach him orders and tricks and congratulate him if playing with other pets. It is very important that you feel socialized and happy.
  • You can try to minimize dependence on yourself by adopting a dog in a shelter.

Always remember that the natural attitude of the dog is group living together. Although there are more distant dogs and others who are more attached, everyone needs to relate to and enjoy companionship with other humans and dogs.

Separation anxiety

But beyond our favorable or unfavorable attitude, there is another factor that influences this behavior and is very important to be treated: separation anxiety . If left untreated, separation anxiety generates an insecure, suspicious and fearful personality in your puppy.

Some causes of separation anxiety are:

  • Spending a lot of time away from home : It is the main cause of separation anxiety. The dog usually feels abandoned, lonely and sad and the consequences are usually an entire house made into pieces or constant beats.
  • Sleep in the same room and suddenly separate : Sharing room generates a dependency, which you may consider lovely. But if you have not yet adopted a dog you should decide what to do about it. What you should never do is that, once the dog is accustomed to sleeping next to you after a long time, separate it as this will cause anxiety and sadness in your pet.
  • Routine or Home Change : Although dogs may not be thankful for a routine in their daily lives: walks, food, play … After a major change the dog may feel helpless which can lead to an anxiety situation with us.
  • Other reasons : Your dog may also develop separation anxiety due to lack of exercise, trauma, severe stress, and even separation or death from a member of its nucleus.

Separation anxiety can be treated with the use of kong , although the main recommendation in a serious case would be to resort to an expert ethologist or canine educator .

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