Why does my cat lick me? 4 reasons

Everyone knows that cats are the cleanest animals in existence. They spend their lives licking themselves to be very clean. These licks are sometimes also offered to their tutors. Did your cat ever give you one of these kisses?

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Often tutors wonder, why does my cat lick me ? This behavior can be a show of affection, an attempt to strengthen social ties or even to mark territory. YourCatCareguide will explain everything to you right!

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Show affection

Most of the time, cats lick to demonstrate how much they love their guardians . These licks demonstrate what they can not say in words: “Thanks for everything you do for me, you are the best human in the world.”

Since the puppy, the cat was licked by his mother, not only for hygiene reasons but also as a show of affection and affection. For this reason, receiving your cat’s licks is one of the 10 signs that your cat loves you .

Strengthen social ties

Since puppies, the cats interact with the mother with licks. Every day their mother licks them and with the passage of time also begins to lick the little brothers.

It is very common for you to see two adult cats taking care of each other’s hygiene through licking and this strengthens their social bonds !

The same applies to you! If your cat is licking you, he is accepting you as “one of his” and is taking care of you and showing that you love him, strengthening your social bond.

Because you taste good!

Have you been tinkering with food? Or did you put a cream with a very good smell? That may be why your cat licks you! You’re tasty !

The harsh language of cats is expert in detecting flavors! Many cats love the taste of some soaps and so love licking tutors as soon as they get out of the shower.

Another reason is the salty taste of human skin! Some cats are very attracted to the salty taste.

To mark the territory

Cats do not mark territory just with pee! Licking is also a way of marking. If your cat licks you, you may be saying, “Hey, you’re beautiful and you’re mine, are not you?”

Also the cats, lick their puppies so that they have the smell of it and the other animals know that they belong to him.

If your kitten often licks you, this may be a reason, so that everyone knows that you are theirs alone !

Why does my cat lick my hair?

Some cats have a rather strange habit: lick hair ! If you have a case like this at home, know that the reason may be exactly the same as the one above. In addition, it may mean that he thinks you have dirty hair and is helping you to clean it.

The keratinized papillae of the rough tongue of cats, in addition to detecting flavors, are very useful to remove dirt from the surfaces. Just as the cat cleans itself and other feline companions, it may be cleaning you too. Your cat thinks that you are his social group and when cleaning you, he is trying to improve your relationship.

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Why do cats suck on the blanket?

If your cat licks, bites or bites strange objects, like the blanket, we are facing anomalous behavior. This syndrome is called “pica” and can affect both cats, humans, rats and other species.

There are many domestic cats with these habits. There is still no reliable explanation as to why this behavior exists but existing studies indicate that there may be a genetic component . For many years it was believed that this behavior came from an early separation of the mother. But nowadays, studies indicate that this is not the main cause.

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