Why does my bitch attack my other bitch?

It may happen that one of your bitches has never sought to fight and that until recently it was very peaceful. However, in the last few days he begins to growl to the point of attacking his other bitch . Although it is a cause for concern, this is more common than you think, and it is a situation that has some roots in biology and animal psychology. Part of the solution is to recognize that you are the alpha male / female of the pack at home. It has the authority to make the rules, especially the one that says “no fights here”, and to enforce them for all members of the family.

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It is always wiser and safer to prevent a fight than to try to stop one that has started. Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide to get the answer to the question: why does your dog attack your other bitch ? We will help you understand the behavior of your pet and give you possible solutions to avoid or at least reduce attacks.

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The leader of the pack

There are few fights that start without reason, although this is inside the mind of your bitch and as a human being you can not understand it. If you observe her dog’s behavior, she will always prepare to argue and then attack in a matter of seconds. An internal growl, followed by an external snarl and a contemptuous look is only the beginning. This is the time to cut with negative and wrong energy. However, why does this happen?

Dogs, although noble, loyal and of great heart, have their moments and can fight for many reasons: bad moods, games that end badly, something that hurts them, food, toys or just do not get along with other dogs , among other reasons. But of the common motives, especially if they are of the same sex, are the fights that are generated to gain and to maintain the state inside the pack .

The nature of the dogs works by hierarchies, so there will always be a dog with a higher authority and a leader of the pack. As long as each member knows their place, follows the rules and stays in their “moral” place, everything will be in order. If any of the dogs try to reveal themselves, then there are the problems. What may be happening (and although it does not seem to be) is that there is an internal fight of positions between their two bitches, one of them (the one attacking) tries to maintain their position, while the other either wants to rise from “position” or seems a little rebellious to the bitch that will attack her.

It should also be borne in mind that many of the attacks occur when the human partner is present. This is a clear result of the competition between the bitches to get the attention of the pack leader, in this case, you. Remember that for your dogs you are the leader of the family group.

Hormones destabilize

Fighting against nature itself is a difficult task. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it may be that your dog has not always tried to attack the other bitch and what happens at this point is that she’s going through a difficult time. Bitches (like people) have periods of aggression that alternate with periods of greater tranquility. It is important to know when these periods start, because if the attacks increase and worsen they can lead to great fights where the damage can be serious. We’re talking about the heat on bitches .

Not always happens, but some bitches change of character after the arrival of its first heat. Hormonal and physical changes affect your dog’s mood and personality. Always opting for prevention, the best you can do to avoid the attacks and for a bitch to change her character is to sterilize her before going into the heat process .

If the subject is only hormonal, sterilization can make the attitude of domination diminish, even disappear. This is a case of power struggle, with the difference that the powers are seeing who is more irritable and sensitive.

How to prevent your dog from attacking your other bitch?

Getting ahead of your bitch’s future behavior while thinking about attacking is the most effective key. When you see that it growls or misbehaves, even if it is minimal, correct it in a deep, deep voice. Do not be afraid to look a little rough, the intention is to understand that this type of behavior will not be allowed. Do not choose physical violence or punishment, because it will only make things worse. With a firm “No” you will understand that your attitude is not correct. Also, pay attention to the following advice if your bitch attacks another bitch:

  • If the attack happens and you come in late, not knowing who started it, correct the two bitches equally. Although one of the bitches is the one causing trouble, training is the same for all dogs in the pack.
  • At the least aggressive sound your dog gives you, ask her to sit down, stand in front of her, between her and the other bitch, and focus her attention on herself .
  • It helps a lot to understand the personality and breed of your bitch. There are some animals that just do not get along do not have what we call “natural chemistry.” Some races are of less sociable character than others and some are of problematic character. In these cases, you should separate them from rooms until you have a rehabilitation of character and the bitch that propitiates the attacks diminish the aggressive attitude.
  • Although the attacks may get worse and not stop, never consider getting rid of one of the bitches . Get familiar with and rely on the hourly separation system. It’s a little complicated and not so nice but it’s always better to leave or separate from one of your bitches. A bitch spends a part of the day in one place while the other is removed, it may be in the garden or elsewhere in the house. Then they change positions. In this case try not to leave either of them alone, the whole family should divide and switch their attention. This should be the last option in case you do not get any kind of positive result, since the separation could develop jealousy in some of the bitches if it does not carry out correctly.
  • Call an ethologist . If you can not stop your dog from attacking your other bitch, you should consult a professional to guide you and correct the situation.

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