Why do cats like some people?

As with humans, cats have preferences regarding their social relationships. So it’s no wonder they have one person or more as “favorites.” But is this really true? Do cats prefer one person to another? Or is it just a myth?

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At YourCatCareguide we decided to review some of the best-known feline ethology scientific studies to find out why cats like some people . Keep reading, you’re sure to be surprised.

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Why do cats prefer a person? What factors influence?

The young cats , especially those who are in full socialization stage , still do not have a sense of fear, allowing them to socialize with all kinds of animals and people. If we add to the loss of the mother figure and the separation of the siblings, it is very likely that the cat will look for a new support figure in his new home, which he uses as a reference.

The interactions that the puppy has during the socialization process also explain this selective behavior: cats that have been manipulated by several unknown people are less fearful, but also have a greater tendency to suffer from stress, to show little social behavior and lack of behavior of joke However, kittens that have only interacted with a person or a few people in their puppy stage tend to be more frightened but with more positive social behavior with whom they know and have frequent joking behaviors. [1]

It is important to emphasize that the quality of life and the behavior of the cat are influenced directly by the characteristics of the tutor [2] , such as sex, age and care offered. So it is not surprising that tutors who spend more time on a cat are ideal candidates to be their support reference.

It is also important to note that the cat’s own character is influenced by genetics, fears and learning and may even be unconscious. So not all cats create a special bond with a single person .

How do I know if my cat likes me?

There are many signs that show that your cat loves you : kneading, purring, licking or sleeping with you are some of them, but there are many more. Inclusive soft bites can be a way of expressing affection, although to us it seems unpleasant.

For you to know if you are your cat’s favorite person, you should analyze your relationship with him and the relationship you have with others, only in this way will you know if expressions of affection and attention calls are unique to you or to anyone who live with him But remember, even if you are not the favorite person (or he does not have any) this does not mean that he does not love you.

When a cat chooses you …

Obviously, the distinct signs of affection of a cat indicate that he wants us. But when he chooses us, he begins to foster a closer bond with us. No wonder he dares to smell our mouth, to sleep on our head, to rise above us, to touch our face with his paws or to sleep on top of us. They are very conducive people and close that undoubtedly indicate that we are his favorite person .

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