Why do cats bite tutors?

Whoever has or has ever had a cat, knows that they have a very complex behavior. There are very affectionate kittens, others quite independent and even cats that bite!

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The cause of the bite is not always the same, and for this reason, we wrote this article on the ExpertAnimal. Let’s review some of the situations that trigger the cat’s bite and analyze different situations to help you find a solution or answer to that problem.

Keep reading and find out once and for all: Why do cats bite tutors? And what are the causes and solutions to this problem?

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Discover Your Cat’s Personality

Each cat has a unique and concrete personality. For this reason, not all cats appreciate the same gestures or respond in the same way to a social communication, either with us or with other people. You should strive to understand what he likes or dislikes, how he should touch you, and what his favorite zones are.

Cats that attack the tutors

While some cats love the interminable caresses in their ears or back, others hate. Is that your cat’s case? You should learn to communicate with your cat and interpret if he is annoyed or if it is simply a warning for you to stop playing in that area .

If you are relaxed, cuddling your cat and suddenly he bites your hand … it is because something is not right: you have abused. In such a situation, you’d better be quiet and wait for the cat to divert attention to something else. Stop caring and try to keep the situation calm and quiet.

It is important that you observe the body language of the cat , especially if it bites without warning. If we pay attention, we will know if the cat is truly troubled or if it is just an unimportant warning to stop disturbing him.

Bites while playing

Many people teach their kittens to play in a very active way with their hands, toys and other objects. If we reinforce this behavior, especially with the hands, we are increasing the chance of our cat continuing with this behavior when it reaches adulthood. The problem is that an adult cat’s bite, unlike a puppy, already hurts.

If we can not avoid this problem in time and now our adult cat demonstrates this behavior during the game, it is essential to try to change this reality. For this, we must use toys , never hands , action that we can reinforce positively with snacks and snacks for cats.

Some toys, such as mops or bell balls, easily divert the cat’s attention to the noise they make. Try these!

Biting affections

Some of us have a wonderful relationship with our cat and that’s why we ask ourselves “Why does my cat bite me?” It’s probably love!

It may never have happened to you, but sometimes cats nibble at our legs, arms and hands in the face of a situation that causes them happiness : when we give them food or caress, etc.

They are usually mild bites that do not cause pain (although sometimes we feel pain if the cat is very excited and bites harder) and it usually happens when they feel the need to express their happiness. Faced with this situation, we should decrease the intensity of the caresses or even stop. We should also reward the affective play without bites with snacks suitable for cats. So, your cat will learn as fast as you want him to behave.

Bite out of fear

Cats may bite if they feel frightened , threatened or in danger. Although the most common use nails, bites are also a defense that they can use. Identifying a frightened cat is fairly easy: ears back, chills, repetitive movements, etc.

Behavior of cats

There are cases in which we can not identify why the cat bites me, so we have to resort to a specialist, such as ethologists, veterinarians specializing in animal behavior.

It is important to know that a problem of aggression should be solved as soon as possible , especially if we do not know if our cat will attack or not. Although it is a small animal, the cat is able to hurt a lot. Do not wait too long and try to solve it as soon as possible!

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