Because cats are afraid of cucumber

Surely you’ve seen a video that is circulating on the internet in which you see several cats being scared of cucumbers . This famous video that has become viral should not cause us so much laughter because we remember that cats scare easily and although it may seem funny, for them it is not.

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In YourCatCareguide we will explain this phenomenon to you. Find out what happens to cucumbers and cats because they give so many leaps and how such a harmless greenery can provoke this reaction in our pets.

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Curiosity killed the cat

If you have a cat as a pet you will know very well how curious they are and that precisely this innate curiosity is what makes them sometimes get into trouble. Do not forget that these little beasts have a predatory instinct, they do things in secret and like to investigate everything.

By studying a little of the body language of cats you can know if your friend is bored, happy, if they are investigating something, aware of what is happening around them or if something surprised him because he was not expecting. Cats like to have their environment controlled and anything (object, sound, full, etc) that is unknown may pose an imminent danger.

In videos that have become so popular, an unknown object appears out of nowhere right behind the cat and undoubtedly these pose a threat to the cat that did not expect it, triggering immediate evasive action.

The cucumber of terror

The truth is that cats are not afraid of cucumbers. Cucumbers are a harmless greens that have nothing to do with the immediate escape reaction of cats.

Due to the agitation that was caused by the viral video of cats vs. cucumbers, some experts came along trying to shed light on this. Biologist Jerry Coine talks about his theory of ” predator fear ,” where he explains that the reaction of cats to cucumbers is directly related to the fear that can cause them to face natural predators such as snakes.

On the other hand, animal behavior specialist Roger Mugford has a simpler explanation for the phenomenon, stating that the root of this behavior has to do with the ” fear of the unknown ” rather than the cats’ fear of cucumbers.

Of course, your cat will be equally surprised if he finds a banana, a pineapple, a teddy bear, as long as it is something that he has never seen and that has invaded his space without him.

Do not scare your cat, that’s no good!

Cats are solitary animals and very cautious, since they have spent some time trying to understand the strange behavior of the humans with whom they share their territory. Remember that we humans are one of the most sociable animals in nature, unlike your cat, which certainly does not seem to be very normal.

As funny as it may sound, scaring your cat is not something positive for anyone. Your pet will no longer feel safe at home and if, in addition, scaring you while you eat, it may put your health at risk. The food zone is one of the holiest areas for cats, they feel relaxed and relaxed in them.

The reactions that are observed in the videos do not show that these cats are under much stress, something that is not good for any living being, much less for the felines that are by nature suspicious and frightening.

There are many ways to have fun with a pet, there are many cat toys with which you can spend fun with your little friend, so think carefully about the consequences before trying to have fun at the expense of the animal suffering both likes.

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