Is it bad to bathe a dog in heat?

Grooming , gestation, and childbirth are stages in your life that require much more care from your fellow humans. YourCatCareguide knows that during the period of estrus his dog may have doubts about how to proceed, what is best for him or if it is possible to perform the same activities as always, including the simplest ones, such as bathing.

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If you have ever wondered if it would be bad to bathe a bitch in heat , then we clarify this doubt for you.

The heat in the bitch

The appearance of the first heat in bitches varies a little from one breed to another, but usually occurs between 6 and 8 months of age . However, this does not mean that the dog is prepared to be a mother, so many veterinarians recommend not to cross during this first heat and wait until the animal is two years old when your pet has already reached full development physical and mental.

It takes one or two ciao a year at most, during which your dog will be at the ideal time to breed, so he will try to attract the attention of the males that are around anyway. If you do not want to get pregnant, you should double your vigilance.

The cio is accompanied by some symptoms , such as excessive demonstration of affection, swelling of the vulva, small bleeding and hygiene of the longest genital area. This behavior is normal and must be assumed with patience by the family.

Bath during the dog’s heat

When you exhibit this behavior other than normal, many people make guesses about what will be best for the bitch, such as the type of food that is best given to her or if it is possible to bathe her, for example. About this last situation, about not being able to bathe your dog during heat, know that it is just a myth. There is no problem if you bathe a dog in heat, especially if the animal is dirty or the bleeding has been plentiful. You should simply be much more careful not to stress the bitch unnecessarily, as you are much more sensitive.

When bathing your dog in heat, you can use the usual shampoo and conditioner. In this way, it does not need new products, since, as already mentioned, cio does not impede your bath or cause any kind of alteration to have to use new products. If your bitch is usually more altered during estrus, and even a little aggressive, first create a relaxed environment to keep as calm as possible and reward her when she can associate the bath with a positive stimulus. On the other hand, when drying it, keep in mind that due to bleeding, it will stain the towel that will be used. So use a towel that only she will use.

After a good shower, you can brush it as usual and put a diaper on your dog , so you will not get the house dirty with blood. Do not forget to take it out when you want to do your needs.

More recommendations

Once the doubt about bathing a dog in the heat is bad or not, we recommend that, if you do not want to have puppies, sterilize it when the vet considers it appropriate. In this way, you will not only avoid your nervousness and that of the bitch and the stress that the periods of heat cause, but will also protect you from future diseases, psychological pregnancies and avoid an unwanted litter.

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