Forbidden foods for the hamster

If you decide to adopt a hamster it is very important to know your food well to not suffer nutritional deficiencies, and you are already aware that fiber and proteins are the basis of your diet.

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In addition, you should also know which foods are forbidden to your hamster because it is not only a food that can be difficult for him to digest, some may even cause gastrointestinal disorders as well as make him more predisposed to suffer from several types of diseases. Inquire at the ExpertAnimal of which are these forbidden foods.

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What you should know

You will find a wide variety of food for your hamster, and it will be classified according to your breed and therefore according to your needs. But if you go further and investigate, you will find that feeding your hamster requires:

  • Cereals
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat or insects

Does your hamster have a perfect feed? These three elements are fundamental and should be proportionate to your physical needs since, for example, an excessive amount of greenery can cause them diarrhea. Protein and fiber base already receive it with commercial foods, although you should be especially attentive to offer you fresh fruit and vegetables. It is very likely that your little hamster devours everything he gives you, but not accepting something does not mean that it is not a good food for him.

You should not provide food for human consumption because it has high levels of salt and fat , very harmful to your pet, since you can not tolerate them. You also should not give him chocolate (sugar), seasoned vegetables, celery, parsley or raw beans.

Foods like grapes, carrots or beets should be dosed once or twice a week and always in a small amount.

You should know that it is important to remove the remaining fruit and vegetables from your hamster’s dish. If you do not, this could accumulate germs and bacteria of all kinds that would then end up in the stomach of your rodent. Find out more about hamster care in our article.

Fruits and vegetables banned for your hamster

It is true that the hamster tolerates an infinity of fruits , although they should always be given in moderation. Never give your little hamster orange, lemon and avocado. None of these three fruits is good for your animal’s digestion, avocado provides excess fat and lemon and orange cause them great acidity.

It is also important that you remove the seeds or lumps from the fruit you give it.

The vegetables are another type of food that a hamster can digest without any difficulty and there are plenty of options that you can give. But be careful with those vegetables that you should not give as for example garlic, onion, celery, oregano, parsley, basil and radishes.

Your digestive system is weaker than the human’s, so if you do not remember the forbidden foods for your pet think of those that are difficult for human digestion (onion and garlic for example) and not the ones you give .

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