Bad breath in dogs – How to prevent

Surely it has happened once your dog has yawned and you have realized that out of your mouth comes an unpleasant smell, this is known as halitosis.

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The halitosis or bad breath is a common disease in our dogs friends, that does not always mean something serious because it does not always imply a pathological cause, and therefore can be resolved by applying simple measures of hygiene and nutrition.

If your pet suffers from this problem it is important that you can rule out any underlying pathological disorder, and in the absence of it, you need to know how to solve this nasty problem. Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will help you with tips to prevent bad breath in dogs .

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Causes of Canine Bad Breath

Canine halitosis can be caused by factors of hygiene , feeding or by pathological disorders.

  • Hygiene and feeding factors Halitosis is usually caused by insufficient oral hygiene and / or unhealthy eating habits.
  • Pathological disorders: Halitosis can also be caused by oral infections as well as by diseases of the liver, kidneys or digestive system. In these cases, bad breath is associated with a different symptomatology typical of the condition that is causing this signal.

In the absence of diseases we can treat bad breath naturally and simply, acting on the feeding, nutritional supplementation and oral cleaning of our dog.

Eating Habits Against Bad Breath

To prevent halitosis in dogs, it is important to act on feeding, since we all know that the feed is the only food with which we can cover all the nutritional requirements of our pet, however, sometimes the animal may have become accustomed to nutritional habits.

Follow the following advice to combat halitosis through feeding:

  • A diet rich in meat can cause bad breath, due to the remains of food that remain in the teeth, later are attacked by bacteria, which causes the bad smell. Try to avoid this food at all costs.
  • Always opt for dry ration, leaving canned food for sporadic occasions. This is because the dry feed is the food that leaves less waste in the teeth, in addition the balls of the dry ration prevent the formation of tartar and bacterial plaque.
  • The food container should always be clean, if they remain food remains a process of putrefaction that contributes negatively to the dog’s halitosis when it returns to eat.

Nutritional supplements against bad breath

In addition to balancing your pet’s nutrition , you can opt for nutritional supplements that will help us prevent canine bad breath.

In this case when we talk about nutritional supplements we are referring to those dog snacks that contain substances that help maintain proper oral hygiene. In addition, these types of products are pleasing to dogs, both for their shape and their taste.

We can also use specific toys for dogs made with natural rubber, which are suitable for keeping teeth clean.

The cleaning of our pet

Normally, we are aware that it is necessary to bathe our dog, cut his nails, keep his hair in good condition … All this is part of a hygienic routine that we can not omit, the main problem is that many Sometimes oral cleaning is not part of this routine when this action is as necessary as any other.

One of the best advice to prevent halitosis in dogs is to include oral cleaning in the dog’s hygiene routine. To do this, you should use a toothbrush and use it for a short period of time for the first few times, especially if your dog does not like it.

It is essential not to use a toothpaste for humans as they contain fluorine, which is poisonous to dogs. In any pet shop you can find a toothpaste and a brush suitable for your pet.

Severe signs of canine halitosis

With the advice that we show you can combat bad breath in dogs whenever this is not a manifestation of a pathology, since in this case it would be necessary to consult the veterinarian for your puppy to receive the appropriate treatment.

The warning signs that may indicate a condition are:

  • Sweet or fruity odor could indicate ketosis due to diabetes.
  • Bad breath accompanied by gums or yellow eyes.
  • Bad breath accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Lack of appetite and halitosis could indicate oral infection.

If you notice any of these symptoms do not hesitate to consult the veterinarian so that it analyzes the state of your dog’s teeth and can perform a mouth cleaning if necessary.

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