Bach Flower for Insomnia in Dogs

Did you know that the phases of canine sleep are very similar to the phases of our sleep? Like us, dogs also dream and may also present with various sleep disorders, such as insomnia. However, the main difference is that a dog does not suffer from chronic insomnia, but rather this occurs in a certain period and for specific causes.

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The causes of insomnia in dogs can be diverse, lack of sleep can be caused by noise, pain, illness, sexual behavior or age of the dog, it is usual for older dogs to present several changes in their sleep stages .

The most important thing is to treat insomnia in a natural and respectful way with our pet’s organism whenever possible, so in this article by YourCatCareguide we will tell you about the Bach flowers for insomnia in dogs .

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What are Bach flowers?

Bach flower remedies are a completely natural therapeutic system that began to develop in the year 1928 by Dr. Edward Bach.

As with most alternative therapies, such as homeopathy , the Bach flower system considers that the primary cause of the disease resides in the mind and emotions, when this first change does not heal, ends up negatively impacting on the physical organism.

Bach florals are extracts from one or more of the 38 flowers Edward Bach discovered.

To understand the functioning of these extracts, you must understand that this is not a common extract of a medicinal plant (such as a fluid extract or a mother tincture), but a highly diluted extract, so much that it does not present pharmacological activity, denominated an energy activity , thus acting on the emotions of the animal that receives them.

Many people need clinical trials before using these therapies, however, they should know in advance that in the case of substances of a completely different nature, such a drug can not be subjected to the same clinical trial as a drug. For example, studies measuring the improvement of symptoms rather than establishing a mechanism of action for certain cellular receptors are needed.

Bach flowers improve the quality of life of many people and their pets, offering a very important advantage: they are completely harmless , have no side effects, and can apply in any case because dogs interact with drugs and are not counterproductive against any pathology.

Bach flower to treat insomnia in dogs

Now and more and more often, reference is made to the holistic veterinarian, a professional who, besides having done studies in veterinary medicine, specializes in the application of natural therapies to restore the health of the animal.

If there is something necessary for the natural therapies to be efficient it is a complete individualization of the patient , in this sense, our recommendation is that you call on a holistic veterinarian to tell you which is the best flower or combinations of Bach flowers to treat insomnia your pet.

The florals that should be taken into account initially to treat sleep disorders are the following:

  • White Chestnut: It is especially useful for treating insomnia in older dogs that have invested in watchdog sleep cycles. This flower helps them calm the anxiety they often suffer and relaxes them, preparing them for a good night’s rest.
  • Mimulus: Is your dog very afraid of everything? If you have a dog that scares easily, at the slightest noise, this is one of the best floral as it acts directly on this emotion, which can be directly related to insomnia.
  • Aspen: Can be used in a complementary way with mimulus, although in this case we would be talking about a very suitable flower when the dog, in addition to expressing fear, is restless and seems to have to have the whole environment under control.
  • Vervain (Verbena): Does your dog have great energy and appear to be hyperactive? When the energy of our pet is too much and interferes with your sleep patterns, this flower allows you to minimize this excessive enthusiasm when you rest.
  • Agrimony: If your dog has experienced negative experiences or shows anxiety, this flower will help you to better channel these emotions, decreasing your state of restlessness and will provide you with a better rest.

How to administer the Bach flower to the dog?

Bach flowers usually use alcohol as an excipient, although in minimal amounts, but the best option is to get an extract that does not contain this component. For this, you can ask to elaborate these preparations in a pharmacy that counts on service of Bach Florals and masterful manipulation .

These floral extracts can be administered in two ways:

  • Pouring 4 drops, 4 times a day, directly on the tongue of the animal, but always looking for the saliva does not touch the eyedropper so as not to contaminate the whole preparation.
  • Add 10 drops per day to the water of the pet, always taking into account that when changing the water, these drops must be added again.

Bach florals can be administered in this way, regardless of the duration of treatment, until the animal shows a complete recovery from insomnia .

You should consult your veterinarian

Although Bach flowers are harmless, insomnia may not be. As we saw in the introduction to this article, there are several diseases that can be hidden behind this sleep condition .

If your dog suffers from insomnia, consult your veterinarian for an evaluation of your state of health. In addition, you should know that even if a pharmacological treatment is prescribed, Bach florals can also be administered , helping to improve the health status of the dog in a faster way.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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