Avoid dog barking when alone

Dogs can bark for many reasons, but when they do it by being alone it is because they suffer from separation anxiety . When a dog is very dependent it feels a great solitude when its owners leave the house and tries to call them barking without stopping until these come back.

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It is important to educate the dog properly from the moment you arrive home so you can be alone without problems. But often we have to resort to various tricks while training lasts to avoid the uncomfortable beats.

Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article on how to avoid the dog barking when you are alone and learn to end the animal’s uncomfortable crying and make it a stable and happy companion.

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Dressing to avoid separation anxiety

From the first moment the dog comes home, you should start educating him to learn to be alone without causing problems. You can leave him alone for short periods, like five minutes, so the dog begins to realize that there is no problem since you will always come back. Once you start getting used to it, you can begin to leave it alone for longer periods.

It is also important to take long walks with him to discharge all his energy and not to bark out of boredom or stress, especially on those days when he will leave you alone longer than usual. If when you go out the door you hear your barking, you should not go back to give you affection, because you will understand that when you bark you will have what you want.

The acts you follow each time you leave the house, such as picking up keys or shoeing, alert your dog that it will leave and will start to get nervous. One technique for not associating these habits with your leaving home is to do them from time to time but without ever leaving home. That is, you can put on your shoes and sit on the sofa or pick up the keys and release them. Over time the dog will get used to it and will see it as normal.

Music and toys

A good way to prevent a dog from being alone is by turning on the television or radio . Just as many people turn on these gadgets to have background noise and “keep company”, this also helps the dogs. Listening to something other than silence can help avoid separation anxiety because it serves as companionship and does not feel so alone.

There are also some toys to avoid separation anxiety that make the dog entertained when alone, such as Kong , in this way will not pay as much attention to your exit. In addition, it is a totally safe intelligence toy.

Do not forget to evaluate the option of adopting a second dog so that your best friend feels accompanied and relaxed when you are not at home.


First and foremost, it is important to remain calm when you hear your dog barking. Whenever your furry friend can in front of you should try to make him realize that he is not liking what he is doing but in a calm and efficient manner.

Dogs understand our body language and are able to learn short commands, so when they start barking they can tell you a firm “no” . It is important not to be nervous or to start screaming, as this will only increase your tension and will continue to bark.

It’s also helpful to use positive reinforcement , that is, reward him with caresses, awards or beautiful words when you do what you said and you’re calm. In this way you will associate little by little what you like is that behave this way.

If at any time you feel that you can not in any way cause your dog to stop barking when you are alone, then it is best to consult an ethologist . This professional will help you overcome the anxiety of separation from the dog and stop your barking, making it a balanced animal and helping you both to be completely happy together but independent.

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