At what age does a dog become an adult?

Knowing the age of your dog is not only important for, for example, calculating the equivalence between the years that is with you and your age in “dog years”, as well as, each stage of the dog’s life requires a series of care and a specific diet .

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If your dog has been with you since childhood, it will not be difficult for you to notice the changes that occur in your body, your size and your personality. However, there comes a time when the puppy stage is over and the puppy becomes an adult, so be aware of this important change so you know how to care for your puppy at this time and in the next stages of your life. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to know how old a puppy becomes an adult .

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What changes happen when you become an adult

As with humans, dogs go through several stages of growth from the moment of their birth and there are several stages they go through before they reach adulthood.

The adult stage is the longest stage in your dog’s life, where it finally reaches not only its definitive size, but also defines what will be its personality, leaving behind the shy and even nervous character that characterizes this period of the dog and adolescent. Also, by the time you reach adulthood, your puppy will reach sexual maturity.

Having a good relationship with your puppy before he becomes an adult is key. This implies forming an affective bond with him, as well as giving him the training necessary to educate him and make coexistence more simple and enjoyable for the whole family. That is why, before reaching adulthood, your puppy must have learned the rules that guided its behavior, in addition to being exposed to contact with strangers to family and other dogs in order to optimize their stage of development. socialization .

Likewise, during your adult life the dog will need a varied diet based on protein so we recommend that you advise with your veterinarian on what is most convenient for your furry little friend according to their breed, size and your state of health.

At what point does a dog become an adult?

Surely you have heard that every human year equals 7 to 9 years for your dog, but the truth is that this calculation is not at all accurate to know the age of the dog , especially since it does not apply to all dogs in the same way and because it does not let you know what stage of life your dog is in.

More than knowing how old your dog is on the human scale, it is much more important to know the phase you are going through, and one of these, the longest of all, is the adult phase.

The time to reach adulthood depends on the breed and even varies among dogs of the same breed, as each one develops differently at its own pace. What is certain is that females leave the puppy stage faster than males. Although it varies from one dog to another, you may have an idea of ​​when your puppy is no longer a puppy:

  • In small breeds it is considered adult a dog between 9 months to 1 year.
  • In medium races it is usually between 1 year and a year and a half.
  • In large races you will have to wait until age 2.
  • In giant breeds this period extends between 2 and a half to 3 years.

As you can see, as the size of the dog increases, it will take longer to reach maturity, but generally two years are considered adults, this is a way to facilitate the calculation.

This maturity we are talking about is mostly physics, since personality and character, although they should also be defined as they reach their age, will depend a great deal on how you raised your dog, how you trained him, the genetics and the opportunity to meet all your needs for each stage of growth.

In addition to the calculation that we have already explained, you can also know if your puppy has reached adulthood when it stops growing and surpasses the stage of rebellion that characterizes canine adolescence. Obviously, the latter will only be possible with great patience and good training.

We hope this article will help you find out when your puppy becomes an adult.

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