At what age do cats begin to eat ration?

From the beginning of life, feeding a puppy catshould be very balanced to avoid problems in the future. Good nutrition is synonymous with good health and well-being of your cat.

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Whether a kitten is bottle fed or your mother, you need to know at what age it starts by eating alone. Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will tell you about how old and what kind of food the cats eat. Keep reading and find out how old the cats start to eat .

When can the kitten eat ration?

The first food that kittens eat when they are born is brown milk . This food is very important to them as it transmits maternal immunity against the main infectious agents.

If you adopted a kitten at the age of lactation or his mother rejected it, you should give him special milk for cats in the bottle. This milk is the only one the kitten can drink and you should not give cow’s milk to it. For more information, we recommend you refer to our article: ” How to Feed a Newborn Cat “.

The milk that puppies drink, whether maternal or artificial, is rich in fatty acids, colostrum (antibodies) and vitamins.

When do kittens start to eat?

The nursing of a kitten puppy lasts about 9 weeks and when the first teeth begin to appear, around four weeks , they can begin to eat solid food. You should choose a suitable ration for kittens, and it is advisable to moisten it a bit with warm water, to make it easier to start the chewing process. In addition, you can add some wet food or pate, suitable for kittens kittens.

From the end of lactation to the first year of age, the food that kittens must eat must consist of highly digestible proteins, antioxidants, and fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. the quantity should follow the guidelines outlined on the packaging. Despite this, your veterinarian may advise adjusting the amount to more or less depending on the specific characteristics of your cat.

If you prefer, you can choose to make homemade food for this stage of your cat’s life. However, the most advisable according to most veterinarians is to opt for a super premium feed suitable for the age of the cat in question. With a home feed , it is more difficult to achieve balance and all the nutrients the cat needs. That being the case, if you choose this method, our advice is that you should seek out an animal nutrition specialist.

Progressive changes

Now that you already know from what age kittens puppies begin to eat alone, you should try different rations to choose the most appropriate. It is important that you never forget that the feeding change should be made progressively and little by little introducing a new food. Sudden changes in food can lead to intestinal dysbiosis resulting in diarrhea and vomiting .

If your kitten puppy continues to live with the mother, the weaning process occurs little by little. There is no need to separate them. On the other hand, it is not advisable to remove the offspring of the progenitor before a certain age. It is with the mother and the brothers that the cat learns all the typical behaviors of its species. For more information, see our article on ” When Can You Separate Your Mother’s Kittens ?”

Once the cat begins the weaning process, he instinctively begins looking for food . If this does not happen, you can help by giving some food directly from your hand. If he still lives with the progenitor, it is recommended that you let him eat from the same dish as her, so that you can learn through observation.

The kitten itself will manage the food you eat. In addition, you should choose a wide flat dish to facilitate the kitten’s access to food.

Other precautions to take into account

When kittens start eating solid foods, they may experience a little constipation . You can help him defecate by doing gentle massages on his belly. In addition, always leave available sandboxes suitable for him to start making the needs in the right place.

Coinciding with the onset of solid nutrition, there must be the first internal deworming . Consult your trusted veterinarian so that he can advise you and set up a protocol for deworming and vaccinating the puppy. Health is the most important thing and you should never neglect this point. In addition, it is important that you provide fresh, clean water daily. Ideally, the water pot should be away from the food pot and in a different room from the litter box.


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